Ask Kikay Runner: What is your typical training week?

This year’s first Ask Kikay Runner is about the structure of my training week.

Aldrin Galang asks: In a nutshell how does ur week training goes [sic]? Pwede pashare (Can you share it)? Hehe. Ilang araw rest day at what day usually (How many days do you rest and which day usually)?

I think I’ve answered this several different times before, but keep getting variations on the same question. You know what the answer is?

It depends.

typical training week includes track

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Dispatch #6: Hard Yards

Last week was a bit of a rollercoaster for training. I’d shaken off most of the effects of the flu virus and was able to complete some harder workouts. It is true, I’ve bounced back even stronger now and my body was just raring to hit everything with more intensity.

There were a few hiccups, though. On Tuesday my condo pool was closed because Monday (the usual maintenance day) had been the Chinese New Year holiday. It’s weird because I don’t consider myself someone who loves swimming, but I felt so bad at having to miss my swim that day. Then the next day I arrived at the ULTRA/Philsports Arena track for my usual Wednesday track session, only to discover it was closed due to “emergency repairs”. If only the closure announcement had been posted somewhere else other than just at the ticket booth… :(

In lieu of my harder run workouts last week I just raced a 10K yesterday as a sort of time trial to see where I’m at. I actually came in as first female overall, if the race had bothered to award women separately (read more about that issue here: Run for Life was Unfair to Women). Considering I came off a big-gear bike ride on Saturday, all the hard yards the past few weeks are paying off.

Dispatch 6: Hard Yards

My triathlon training plan has been geared toward a race this coming weekend, but I didn’t end up registering for the NAGT. I may be doing one or two Olympic distance triathlons in the next three months, but haven’t confirmed that yet. At this point I’m using the triathlon training to build aerobic fitness (with swimming and cycling) and will layer in the run speed and endurance in preparation for my marathon.

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Dispatch #1: Slow Start

Hi folks! I’m starting a new series of blog posts that should keep me accountable for how I spent every week and also to keep you abreast of what I’m up to. I know I’ve been putting out a lot of topical and informational blog posts lately, but this blog is also about my journey that I want to take you on as well. So here’s my first Dispatch of 2016…

I was supposed to have raced the PSE Bull Run in BGC this weekend, especially since Kuya Kim Atienza was so nice to offer me a 10K race kit. Instead, I added another DNS (Did Not Start) to my record. I could not get up at all to make that 5:15am gun start!

But it has been quite a heavy training week because the holidays are over, and I’ve settled into quite a nice groove following a MaccaX triathlon training plan. Additionally, MaccaX has started a nice little Battle of the Nations contest, which has grouped its hundreds of members into Team Down Under (Australia & New Zealand), Team USA, and Team World (Europe, Asia, North & South America) to compete against each other for bragging rights and the chance at some awesome prizes. For this week, the focus was on logging as many bike kilometers as possible, which led to me acquiring a Garmin speed sensor on Monday so I could track my indoor ride mileage, as well as joining two long rides this week.

Riding in Clark with TriSixFiv
with TriSixFiv at the Clark parade grounds

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Get Your Training Plan for Challenge Camsur

I’m getting back to proper training this week (finally!) after being unwell. While it’s probably too late to be fit for the Asian Triathlon Cup which is in two weeks, it’s the perfect time to start an eight-week training plan for Challenge Camsur.

I got my training plan for only $39 from MaccaX. Unlike most training plans which are generic unless you get a coach to customize them, the eight-week MaccaX Challenge Camsur plan is custom-designed for the specific challenges of the Camsur course — it’s hot, flat, and fast!

I’ll let Macca explain further in this video he posted two weeks ago:

The plan was designed by Justin Granger, Belinda Granger’s husband and coach, with input from Belinda and Macca. It assumes you have some level of fitness, but the sessions are simple and doable.

What I like about this is I don’t even have to think about what I need to do. I just look at my plan (which is exportable to Training Peaks), do the session, and check it off my daily to-do list. And I know if I do these sessions I can be fit enough to race my fastest half in eight weeks!

This is what you get when you sign up:

get your Challenge Camsur training plan now!

  • race-specific training plan written by Justin Granger with input from Belinda Granger and Macca
  • 1 month free membership on MaccaX (with access to Macca and his team of experts and coaches)
  • exclusive member content
  • 30+ of Macca’s favorite training sessions in HD video
  • local ambassador support (that’s me!)
  • race strategy meeting with Belinda Granger

If you’re racing Challenge Camsur, this plan is a must-have! Sign up here.

By the way, if you sign up for this training plan and still haven’t signed up for the race, you will also get a nice discount on the race entry fee. Just let me know if you’ve bought the race plan so I can give you the discount code.

See you on the starting line!