Watch Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge on RTL CBS Extreme

While I don’t watch much television because I hardly have time, I make sure what I do watch is compelling entertainment. Last Wednesday, I got to preview Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge season 2 and I really liked what I saw!

From the producers of American Ninja Warrior, the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge takes talented Spartan Race obstacle course racers and adds a team element to the challenging course it presents to them. This means teams not only have to be strong individually, but also work harmoniously together to overcome the obstacles. Six teams compete in heats of three teams each per week, with the winning teams of each heat and the fastest runner-up team moving through to the next round. Teams are competing for a grand prize of $250,000 so you’ll definitely see them going all out.Β  Continue reading “Watch Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge on RTL CBS Extreme”

Fitness First Launches Spartan SGX Group Workout

The thing about having a mature running and sports community in the Philippines is you start seeing more technical events on the calendar. With Spartan Race Sprint happening on September 16, 2017 at Timberland Heights, it’s no longer enough to have the endurance to keep running. Other skills come into play to tackle the obstacles which can involve rope climbs, lugging heavy weights, and mud crawls!

(For a better idea of how a Spartan Race Sprint goes, watch this video.)

That’s where “Spartan SGX” comes in, exclusively available in the Philippines at Fitness First. Using their existing Freestyle training area and Elite Fitness First Spartan SGX-trained coaches, this 45-minute group class mimics the type of movements participants will need to do on race day. As Spartan Race’s official fitness partner, Fitness First offers Spartan SGX not just to Fitness First members but also Spartan Race registered participants.

I got to experience Spartan SGX last week at the launch. Continue reading “Fitness First Launches Spartan SGX Group Workout”