September is Salad Month at SaladStop!

On days I have a heavy training load, nothing satisfies me like a big meal. But I have found that to keep my weight under control I need to keep the big meals scheduled around the big training sessions; other meals must be lighter.

What comes to mind when I think of light meals is a nice big salad full of leafy greens, lightly tossed with a tasty dressing. When I had my first salad at SaladStop! way back when High Street Central Square first opened, I was impressed at the serving size as well as variety of flavor and topping options. My big appetite as well as taste for variety was satisfied!

September is Salad Month at SaladStop! and they’ve just launched their Eat Wide Awake Movement campaign.

SaladStop Salad Month

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The Kinetic Kim Atienza

Today is the 21st of January 2013. It’s’s third anniversary! At this time of year, I always feature a runner who has influenced me and many others. May I turn your attention to this guy:

Kim Atienza on Runners World Magazine
We all call him Kuya Kim.

Kuya Kim Atienza is someone everyone recognizes. From his nightly gig as weatherman for TV Patrol to his noontime appearances as co-host for It’s Showtime and weekly episodes of Matanglawin, he’s one of Philippine TV’s most well-loved personalities.

But for all his reknown, he’s very approachable. I first met him when I joined a regular run with his group; he was about to tackle his first tri, the 2012 Subic Bay International Triathlon, which was also my first Olympic distance triathlon.

Subic Bay International Triathlon

He’s full of boundless energy and infectiously positive. In this month’s Runners’ World magazine, he talks about how he bounced back from a debilitating stroke to become the adik runner and triathlete he is now.

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