Kikay Reviews: Healthy Monsters Salads

Pizza and potato chips. People who hang around me long enough soon learn I am not the healthiest eater. Pizza and potato chips. These are my greatest food joys. Pizza and potato chips. I’ve gained weight because of them!

And so, a few weeks ago after I laid eyes on some not-so-flattering race pics, I decided to get on the right track and start saying no to pizza and potato chips. But that’s only half of the puzzle of starting to eat healthy. I would also have to make better, more conscious food choices away from fast food, processed food, and empty calories. Have you ever come from a long training session and binged on McDonald’s afterwards because you were starving and it was the only quick option?

These three jars of Healthy Monsters salads came at just the right time.

Healthy Monsters

Made from locally-sourced organic ingredients and delivered in recyclable jars, Healthy Monsters is for people on the go who want something healthy but are too busy and have no time to prep. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Healthy Monsters Salads”