September is Salad Month at SaladStop!

On days I have a heavy training load, nothing satisfies me like a big meal. But I have found that to keep my weight under control I need to keep the big meals scheduled around the big training sessions; other meals must be lighter.

What comes to mind when I think of light meals is a nice big salad full of leafy greens, lightly tossed with a tasty dressing. When I had my first salad at SaladStop! way back when High Street Central Square first opened, I was impressed at the serving size as well as variety of flavor and topping options. My big appetite as well as taste for variety was satisfied!

September is Salad Month at SaladStop! and they’ve just launched their Eat Wide Awake Movement campaign.

SaladStop Salad Month

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Kikay Reviews: Raw Bites Healthy Snacks Box

Subscription boxes seem to be the new “in” thing these days, from beauty and make-up products to food! Last month I received a Raw Bites Box for review and since I am definitely trying to eat more healthy foods, this was a great way to discover some new products and tastes.

Raw Bites Box is the first healthy snack subscription box in the Philippines, and they only send you products that meet two or more of their #rawvolution rules:

  • gluten-free;
  • organic;
  • natural sugars;
  • vegan; or
  • no preservatives

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Using the Oster MyBlend Personal Blender

Oster MyBlend Personal BlenderAfter a long training session, I’m usually a little too frazzled to prepare a proper meal. However, to maximize recovery and prevent muscle wasting, one needs to take in some nourishment within 30 minutes after a workout. This is when a nice shake comes in handy. I enjoy cool drinks on-the-go with Oster MyBlend Personal Blender. Its compact and functional design makes it really easy to whip up a healthy and filling drink just for me, and there’s less mess to clean up because I can use the blender canister as a drink bottle. :)

For a breakfast fruit shake, I always freeze some oranges and sliced pineapple overnight so that I won’t need to put ice into the blender to chill the drink. However, the Oster blade is strong enough to pulverize ice cubes.

Another favorite of mine is a banana-peanut butter-chocolate shake. I just pop a whole banana in, some ice cubes, a tablespoon of peanut butter, some water, then dump Milo over everything and blend. Instant recovery drink!

The best part is I don’t over-indulge because the serving size is good enough for just me.

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Dispatch #4: The Little Engine That Could

Last week I hit 100% of all my planned training sessions and felt pretty great. I did feel pretty tired by Saturday afternoon, which resulted in me hitting my bed around 8:30pm. I woke up Sunday morning around 6am though, just in time to catch a recap of the Australian Open women’s final and then head off to the pool for a speed/recovery swim.

The key is to listen to your body, and today I was too tired to do 80 minutes of cycling plus 40 minutes of running. So I decided to do a gradient run set. I had laced up my shoes, filled up my water bottle, and trotted off to my neighborhood mini-gym — where I found someone else using the one treadmill that worked.

I ended up back at home on the bike trainer for a 50-minute threshold session. It’s about consistency, of being in the habit of doing some training even if it’s not according to plan. This way, you don’t lose steam for when your body starts to feel better.

PhilSports Arena
Earlier in the week I felt super-charged during my track session!

My body is a bit like a freight train these days: it took a lot of effort to get moving after my offseason, but once started it only needs consistent application of momentum to keep it moving forward on track. And I think that’s what will keep me going this year. No giant leaps forward in mileage or speed; it’s just better to keep chugging on at a constant rate than to accelerate and brake like I did for so much of last year. Continue reading “Dispatch #4: The Little Engine That Could”

Kikay Reviews: Healthy Monsters Salads

Pizza and potato chips. People who hang around me long enough soon learn I am not the healthiest eater. Pizza and potato chips. These are my greatest food joys. Pizza and potato chips. I’ve gained weight because of them!

And so, a few weeks ago after I laid eyes on some not-so-flattering race pics, I decided to get on the right track and start saying no to pizza and potato chips. But that’s only half of the puzzle of starting to eat healthy. I would also have to make better, more conscious food choices away from fast food, processed food, and empty calories. Have you ever come from a long training session and binged on McDonald’s afterwards because you were starving and it was the only quick option?

These three jars of Healthy Monsters salads came at just the right time.

Healthy Monsters

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