Kikay Reviews: Zenith Smart Scale

Today was the moment of truth: have I gained weight from the holiday season? The answer is YES. And now I know it down to the fraction of a pound, and then some.

Truth be told, back in December when Digital Frontier the official distributor of the Zenith Smart Scale offered to send me a unit to test and review, I had my reservations. Who really wants to confirm the damage done during the feasting? But everyone knows that knowing is half the battle. So I bit the bullet and told them to send it over.
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Holiday Fitness, Week 2: Work in Progress

One of the things I’ve been keeping tabs on is how often I’ve gotten sick this year. Having my nephew running around my place most days means I get exposed to all sorts of virulent strains; every time he had a runny nose, I’d get struck down for a whole week.

Well, last week I realized it had been more than a month since I’d last had a full-blown cold or flu. I came close a few times, but a day’s rest and a good night’s sleep were able to ward the sniffles off. It’s amazing how well the human body can recover, but to get to this point I’ve had to drop any sort of hard training and gain some weight — five pounds, to be exact. It’s a good trade-off though, because being sick sucks. Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 2: Work in Progress”

Holiday Fitness, Week 1: Nike Run Club

With no racing in my immediate future, I can turn my attention toward rebuilding my fitness properly. This year more than ever I’ve seen the importance of taking things slow to be able to go fast later on, so a return to basics is in order.

The problem with race-based training is that when you go into the offseason, suddenly it’s like you’ve got nothing to aim for. Couple the offseason with the start of the Christmas holiday season, and it’s a recipe for letting yourself go.

I took on a challenge from my friends at Nike to use the Nike+ Run Club app to help keep me on track. Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 1: Nike Run Club”

Hot Sos: Solenn Heussaff’s New Fitness Book

While I am interested in fitness, I rarely pick up fitness books unless they’re written by someone I believe has the cachet to speak about getting in shape and getting healthy. So when I saw that Solenn Heussaff had written a fitness book (and it was edited by one of my Endure teammates hehe), I was interested in what she could offer in this space.Β It turns out, quite a lot.

Hot Sos book launch
Hot Sos
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Team Philippines Leads Under Armour Test of Will

Last month under a scorching hot sun and in stifling humidity, four Filipinos proved themselves fit and ready to move into the finals of the Under Armour Test of Will Southeast Asia.

The top two men and women who participated in the Philippine heats are set to fly to Singapore for the finals on May 28 at Gardens by the Bay. Hats off to Noelle Wenceslao, Zoe Pond-McPherson, Derrick Mercado, and Merwin Torres.

Under Armour Test of Will 2016

Not only did they qualify at the Test of Will Manila heats, but they also were the ones who lifted, squatted, pulled-up, and pushed-up the most number of times in the span of five minutes to score the highest among all the finalists in Southeast Asia.Β  Continue reading “Team Philippines Leads Under Armour Test of Will”

This Weekend: Milo Nutri Up FitCon, UA Test of Will

There are 52 weekends in a year, but there are certain weekends when events converge… like this coming one. Aside from the NatGeo Earth Day Run on Sunday, fitness enthusiasts can also check out the Milo Nutri-Up FitCon at Globe Circuit Grounds on Saturday, and the Under Armour Test of Will at Bonifacio High Street on Saturday and Sunday.

Milo Nutri-Up FitCon, Under Armour Test of Will

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Six Types of People at the Gym

It’s been six months since my resignation from my gym job, and while I miss the daily access to good-quality training equipment and personnel, I realize how strange gyms can be.

I’ve identified about six types of people I’ve encountered at the gym. This is by no means an exhaustive typology, but just a compilation of observations after working at a gym chain for eight years.

I stepped out of the four walls and into the outdoors many years ago and found that while I can certainly build a great body in the gym, training outdoors builds memorable and irreplicable experiences in this big world of ours.

At the Gym

A gym is just like a nightclub, a friend of mine known for making scandalous statements once told me. I laughed at him then, but it’s true: where else do you go to chat up scantily-clad people over loud music on the in-house sound system?

People socialize at work and at parties, but usually there are common interests and people that bring them together. At the gym, individuals from almost all walks of life come through those doors and it’s hard to think of them having anything in common with each other. Or do they? I’ve been living and breathing the gym environment for years, and while there are many people, there are a few obvious types worth noting. Continue reading “Six Types of People at the Gym”