Decathlon Now Open at Festival Mall Alabang

Around this time last year I wrote a post about affordable activewear and devoted a section to French sports megastore Decathlon, whose products I had discovered during a trip to Singapore. I said, “If we ever get a Decathlon in the Philippines you know where I’ll be getting my gear.”

Well, that day has come! Decathlon opened last month in Festival Mall, Alabang and I got to visit it two weeks ago.

The Decathlon store was even bigger than I imagined.Β 
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Affordable Active Wear

Because I’m no longer under contract to a shoe or apparel company, I’ve been busy mixing and matching my old pieces with new finds I’ve picked up the past few months. I still am Kikay Runner, after all. Considerations of comfort aside, if I know I am put together well I can stop worrying about what I look like and focus on my session whether I’m training or racing.

If you think you can find good gear only with the famous brands, I’m here to tell you to expand your horizons! There are many great places to find deals — you just have to know where and how to look.

Guide to Active Wear

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