A Week in the Life #4

The thing with training and exercise is you’ve got to be consistent at it to see any change. Aside from being consistent, you also have to be patient. The human body has its own time scale measured in incremental changes that can take weeks or even months to manifest. For those of us who have instant access to everything thanks to technology (email instead of sending letters, online shopping instead of going to a store, Google instead of flipping through card indexes), the tedium of waiting to see changes in your body can be brutal.

You measure improvement in ability by testing if you can do the same thing faster or longer or multiple times. With weight loss, improvement is measured by the numbers on the scale ticking down. Continue reading “A Week in the Life #4”

Intro to Brazilian Jiujitsu at UFC Gym Philippines

I don’t really watch much TV these days, let alone sports coverage or games. But even in the insular world of triathlon I haven’t escaped UFC — the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which has elevated the profile of mixed martial arts from niche to spectator sport.

When I heard that UFC Gym would be opening branches in the Philippines, though, I began considering what kind of impact such a gym would have on our fitness landscape. Sure, we have boxing gyms that also offer other martial arts on the side like Muay Thai, but the UFC branding would definitely bring a glamorous sheen to combat sports training and attract a different sort of market.

UFC Gym Philippines Brazilian jiujitsu trial session
a little demonstration from UFC Gym Philippines in the Octagon

At the same time, UFC Gym would have to be legit, with top experts in each of the mixed martial arts disciplines overseeing the training regimens offered. With the first few branches opening in August, UFC Gym has temporarily set up its Octagon on the 4th Level of Robinsons Galleria where they have started offering introductory sessions to the public and to their pre-selling members.

Lucky me happened to be one of the first participants in UFC Gym’s introductory Brazilian Jiujitsu class taught by their BJJ head director, Mark Doze. Continue reading “Intro to Brazilian Jiujitsu at UFC Gym Philippines”

A Week in the Life #3

“Noelle, your skin is well-rested from the sun. Fair and smooth.”

Ang puti mo na. Hindi ka na mukhang triathlete.” (You’re so fair now. You no longer look like a triathlete.)

One coach I know once told me, “‘Pag gumaganda ang atleta ibig sabihin hindi nagta-training.” (If an athlete starts looking pretty it means they’re not training.)

These comments are fairly amusing. (See what I did there.) Chalk this up to our cultural norms of what makes a woman beautiful: the fair, smooth skin unmarred by sun exposure, the face that looks well-rested with no traces of labor or lack of sleep. The skin-deep beauty is heavily reliant on leisure, and to be sure I’ve had a lot more rest and less physical work in the past few months. At the same time, it’s been hard to see the golden tan I earned during hours training in the sun and the outward markers of being a triathlete fade away.

But that’s all they are: outward markers. Continue reading “A Week in the Life #3”

Maxicare Run on July 9

I really like when major companies promote a health advocacy by conducting a fun run. It expands our selection of races as well as benefits those who need help. (And it’s also pretty good marketing mileage for the companies.)

Coinciding with their 30th anniversary celebration, Maxicare is hostingΒ the Maxicare Run on July 9, 2017 at Bonifacio Global City. A long-time sponsor at races, this premier healthcare provider in the Philippines hasΒ taken the next step in their healthcare advocacy.

 photo 18275268_1319582684743761_8876622587068616576_n_zpslxe7cdd0.jpg

The Maxicare Run will benefit Bahay Aruga, a halfway house for pediatric cancer patients undergoing outpatient treatment at the Philippine General Hospital. Continue reading “Maxicare Run on July 9”

A Week in the Life #2

I’ve been sleeping through way too many gun starts lately, but I’m glad to have logged all my scheduled workouts last week, plus one extra for good measure.

I’m not training for triathlon; instead, I’ve been using the Nike+ Training Club app’s Training Plan function. I selected a “Lean Fit” six-week program because I want to get lean and improve my overall fitness. I input the amount of time and access to equipment I have into the app, and it selected a series of workouts for the next six weeks. All I have to do is download each of the workouts before I head to the gym and just push “Start” when I get there.

This has been instrumental in getting me out the door, through an hour in the gym, and back at my desk without completely draining me of what little energy I have these days. And with every workout I tick off during the week, I feel like I’m pushing back this fog of ennui that’s crept over my life. Continue reading “A Week in the Life #2”