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Bikinis and Sunnies on OoohLalaPH

I have a not-so-hidden past as a model of sorts, usually for friends who need photos for their portfolios. Last weekend was my first time to shoot in bikinis, though!

Kikay Runner for OoohLalaPH

My friend Jenny runs an online store called OoohLalaPH, selling one-of-a-kind bikinis at great prices.
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Blog FYI

Gary Fisher in Manila

A legend blew through Manila last week, and no it wasn’t the typhoon. I’m not a mountain bike devotee (I’m too prissy to want to get mud on my clothes) but I know many who are, and when I heard that Gary Fisher was coming to town, well I couldn’t miss the opportunity to check things out!

Gary Fisher in Manila
Check out the ‘stache!

Gary Fisher is considered as one of the inventors of the mountain bike and also sold mountain bikes under his own eponymous brand until he entered into a deal with Trek Bicycles. He is still involved with design and marketing, along with being scout and mentor to racers sponsored by the team. Gary came along with Trek’s international sales manager Brian Dezier to help launch the new Trek Bicycle Store at Two Parkade, Bonifacio Global City last Friday, December 5. Read more »

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What To Do When A Race Is Cancelled

It’s always unfortunate and a disappointment when a race is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. With yesterday’s announcement that the Enervon 226 in Bohol was cancelled because of the incoming super-typhoon Hagupit (Philippine name Ruby), I felt sad for everyone involved: the participants because they had prepared so many months for a race that was now not going to happen, and the organizers who had to make a difficult but in the end a correct call.

This is the second time the 226 has been cancelled because of force majeure; last year the 226 couldn’t be held due to the major earthquake that shook the Visayas region, including Bohol, and destroyed buildings and roads.

Foot races have also been cancelled here in the past, but it happens less often in running than in triathlon just because you’re safer on your own two feet than swimming in water or pedaling on a bike. However, with the predicted flash floods that could happen, a 72-kilometer ultramarathon in Samar has also been cancelled.

Often, cancellations are made quite close to the event date, and there’s a lot of grief for the participants because by then they’ve already psyched themselves up for the culmination of all their hard work training. They may have already made travel arrangements that can’t be refunded, so there’s also significant financial investment, aside from the emotional investment.

So what can you do when your “A” race is cancelled? The next few suggestions won’t do anything to ease the pain, but they may help you channel the frustration in the right direction. Read more »

Blog Training

Swim, Bike, Run, Fun

With all the hard training I did this year for triathlon, I was always in grave danger of beginning to view the swim, bike, and run as work and drudgery. This can lead to burnout and is a big reason why people exit the sport of triathlon. We kind of get all grim and serious, forgetting that whatever the outcome of a training session or a race, it doesn’t impact the economy. (Thanks, Coach Patrick Joson, for this little bit of wisdom.)

Ironman 70.3 Cebu
Time to lighten up!

There’s also some inherent ridiculousness and seeming pointlessness Read more »

Blog Race Report

Maze Challenge Asia — History Made!

While the Maze Challenge Asia wasn’t a running race, it was still a timed event with the person who finished it fastest as the winner. So I still found myself feeling pretty competitive on race day, aiming to get through that maze the quickest I could go. But I was also determined to enjoy myself and not make this trip all about the race.

Maze Challenge Asia
We conquered the Maze Challenge Asia!

Jinoe Gavan of and I left Manila yesterday around 7:30am on our Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur. It’s a three-and-a-half hour flight
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Online Triathlon Coaching - MaccaX
Online Triathlon Coaching - MaccaX

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