Holiday Fitness, Week 6: Looking Forward

Now that I’m sure my health and fitness has a firm foundation, it’s time to look at how I intend to train for my first race of next year in Ho Chi Minh City. I managed to run outdoors for more than an hour last week and wasn’t smashed by the end of it, which bodes well for putting on the mileage and time on my feet.

I don’t get to run in the early mornings lately due to the babysitting schedule we’ve worked out in our household — I watch my toddler nephew when his parents go off to work until my parents get back from their morning gym session. This means I only get to do my workouts around midday or after. I’m thankful I have treadmill access at the gym and use a bike trainer to complete most of my cycling sessions, but there’s something awesome about running or cycling outdoors at the break of dawn. The pictures are better, too *wink* Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 6: Looking Forward”

Holiday Fitness, Week 5: Continue the Work

Can you believe it! It’s a week beyond a month since I started on this holiday fitness challenge. That’s time enough to create some habits, like finding the time to exercise most days of the week, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and pretty much take care of myself. On Friday night I had a headache and some nasal congestion, but after taking a Decolgen and going to bed early, the next morning I was fine. I have not felt this robust in years!

You know what bums me out though? Due to years of heavy training I have gotten used to having a certain body weight and shape; now that I’m about 7 pounds over that, my clothes don’t fit the way they used to and I don’t quite feel like myself. Visually though I’m not much different. In fact, people have told me I look well-rested and not haggard.Β  Continue reading “Holiday Fitness, Week 5: Continue the Work”

Kikay Reviews: Flyweight Boutique Boxing Studio

A few months ago, someone approached me about becoming an instructor at their upcoming boxing studio. I’ve retired from teaching group exercise, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy attending group classes now and again. For many people, group classes at a gym or studio are an easily accessible way of getting a guided workout in a fun setting. So I told them to let me know when they were opening, and I’d come along and attend a class.

That day has come. Flyweight at Eight Forbestown Road in Bonifacio Global City is the premier boutique boxing studio in Asia, with a revolutionary program that reinvents traditional boxing workouts. With the grand opening a few months away, a few of us fitness and running bloggers were treated to a trial class so we could see what Flyweight is all about.

Flyweight Boutique Boxing
I’ve booked my bag

The Boutique Boxing Program is a 45-minute group boxing workout that combines shadowboxing and heavy bag work, as well as body weight, core, and footwork exercises to develop technique, power, endurance, and speed. The hashtag #jabcrosshookburpee addresses exactly what makes Flyweight workouts unique. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Flyweight Boutique Boxing Studio”

Nike Run Club Open House

Last Saturday, Nike Run Club held an Open House event where runners could discover what NRC is about and what it can do for their running. Sessions were held in the morning and afternoon led by the Nike Run Club pacers as well as coaches Ian Banzon, Ico Ejercito, and Rio de la Cruz.

NRC Open House

I dropped by in the afternoon because I’d missed the Thursday session due to my Singapore trip. I didn’t realize Bonifacio Global City, and Bonifacio High Street in particular, was a hive of activity on Saturdays! Thankfully the NRC tent was where it usually is, in front of the Nike Park store. Continue reading “Nike Run Club Open House”

Next Race: Ho Chi Minh City Run on 15 January 2017

Coming home from Challenge Vietnam, I found myself wishing I could have seen more of Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, as it’s officially known these days.

Well, in January I’ll get my wish: I’m heading back for the Ho Chi Minh City Run on January 15, 2017. With 5K, 10K, 21K, and 42K distances as well as a kids dash, there’s something for everybody.

HCMC Run: The City Marathon
the Kids Dash

I’m aiming for the half-marathon as it puts something on the table for me to train for without overtaxing my body. A half-marathon is also a great way to see the highlights of a city without completely killing the legs for more sightseeing in the afternoon. Lastly, it burns enough calories so I can indulge in pho bo, banh mi, and my favorite ca phe sua da (Vietnamese coffee). Continue reading “Next Race: Ho Chi Minh City Run on 15 January 2017”