Kikay Reviews: Tannus Solid Tires

Over my four years riding a bike competitively, I’ve learned how to change flat tires. That doesn’t mean I don’t still find it a nuisance. When the distributor of Tannus solid tires offered to let me try his product out, of course I said yes!

Tannus Solid Tires
Tannus solid tires available in various colors

In the early days of cycling, riders used iron bands on wooden wheels on “velocipedes” — the first bicycles. Solid rubber tires were then used on “penny-farthings”. The pneumatic, or air-filled, tire came into vogue as a means to soften the harsh rides. These kinds of tires were much lighter and could allow cyclists to go much faster, which is why they’re now nearly ubiquitous on all racing bikes. (Geek out further on bicycle tire history with this Wikipedia entry.)

The main disadvantage of pneumatic tires is their tendency for punctures, and the need to fill them with air before use. Several tire companies have tried to engineer solid tires that were light enough for racing but hardy enough to withstand conditions that would puncture regular tires. Tannus, a Korean company, manufactures its tires with a polymer resin they call “Aither”. (more…)

Five Steps to Your First Triathlon

People get into triathlon for many different reasons such as health, curiosity, and/or novelty. The common question is, “How do I prepare for my first triathlon?”

Triathlon Rookie
preparing for my first sprint triathlon in 2011

Instead of training for one discipline like swimming, cycling, or running, you now have to think about how you can fit all three into your available time. How, and how much you train changes with how long your goal triathlon race is. You may also have questions about equipment… For a newbie to triathlon the thought of all this can be quite overwhelming!

Here are five easy steps you can take to get ready for your first triathlon. (more…)

OFWorld Features Kikay Runner!

With over 2.3 million Filipinos working overseas, it seems like anywhere I go in the world there’s a Filipino community. I’m honored to have been featured in OFWorld, a magazine for overseas Filipino workers (OFW) circulated in Europe and the Middle East! I mentioned this before during my birthday post in July, but now OFWorld is available online.

OFWorld July 2015 - Noelle De Guzman
OFWorld July 2015 issue

The July issue was their “Happiness Issue” with articles that aimed to lighten the load for every OFW. Their editorial note says: “We hope that every hard-working Filipino in all parts of the world is having fun! Yung ‘fun’ na hindi waldas-pera o kebs-ko-sa-mundo kind of enjoyment. But the kind of fun that makes you happy and healthy!… Whether you are in Italy, Manila, New York, London, or somewhere else, we hope you have found your happiness. If not, we hope this issue can provide you a guiding light as you look for that crucial thing or moment that will make you truly happy.”

Read OFWorld’s feature on the Kikay Runner:

It has always been my goal to encourage as many people as possible to take an interest in their own health and fitness. Thank you OFWorld for taking my message and passion to the OFW’s in Europe and the Middle East!

Speaking of Middle East, I think I’m racing somewhere there in the last quarter of the year. Can anyone guess where? I’m excited to race under the stars… :D

 photo bahrain_zpswiz8c08v.jpg

What You Need to Know before Your First Ironman

If you had asked me when I started on this triathlon lark whether I would attempt an ironman, I would have said, “I’m not that crazy.” Then I got addicted to the feeling of pushing my limits, and started wanting to challenge myself over longer distances.

Others go into triathlon with the goal of doing an ironman from the very start. Whatever spurred your decision to do your first ironman, it is a months-long journey into the unknown. Make sure you go into it with both eyes open.

Here’s what you need to know before your first ironman.

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Kikay Reviews: SOS Rehydrate Electrolyte Sports Drink

With the entry of so many different products into the endurance market these days, it’s a great time to be out there trying things out for yourself. Everyone is unique, especially when it comes to which food or drink supplement works best for them.

I first was able to try out SOS Rehydrate last May, when my Kiwi boss sent me home from Phuket with a box to try out. He said SOS Rehydrate was something three-time world champion Terenzo Bozzone adds to his drinking water, despite not being a formal endorser of the product. Intriguing.

SOS Rehydrate

So what is SOS Rehydrate? (more…)