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Ask Kikay Runner: How to Find Time for Training

This is a section on my blog where I answer questions people ask me. If you have any questions for future Ask Kikay Runner entries, email me, tweet me, or leave me a message on the Kikay Runner Facebook page.

Last month I asked my Facebook Page followers: “Anything in particular you’d like me to write about? Training tips, troubleshooting, reviews?” Here are some of the requests they made.

Pao Moreto asks: How to get back after a long time of hiatus. Or more importantly, how can anybody who works in the graveyard shift find time to run. BPO and running.

Shelley Jo Rojas Saracin asks: How to get back after a long hiatus din!

Rj Bumanglag asks: Following Mr. Moreto’s idea, you could also write training schedules of an 8-5 office employee.

Macky De Leon asks: Time management. How to squeeze in training for us with 9-5 work.

Sheila Llorin asks: Same with Macky De Leon’s comment.

Running Up Mt. Faber, SG
Many times, training in the wee hours is the only option.

Finding the time to train, whether you’re a very busy person or someone coming back from hiatus, is about creating good habits and celebrating each step forward so you become more motivated to continue. Here are a few tips to help you get started training again. Read more »

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Bataan International Triathlon on November 29-30

Endurance training is cyclical: you peak at your major event, then have to scale down training to recover both physically and mentally. And then you begin your build again for the next peak. My first major race next year will be Challenge Philippines in February, but my build for it will start with the Bataan International Triathlon on November 29 to 30, 2014.

Bataan International Triathlon on November 29 to 30
Bataan International Triathlon on November 29 to 30

The brain behind this is my good friend Raymund Magdaluyo, who is an adik triathlete and passionate about elevating the level of local triathlon. He has been to so many destination triathlons around Southeast Asia: Laguna Phuket Triathlon in Thailand, Laguna Lang Co Triathlon in Vietnam, Bintan Triathlon and Metaman in Indonesia… He dreams of creating a destination triathlon experience in the Philippines that not only Filipinos but also international athletes will want to keep coming back for.

The Bataan International Triathlon, or Bi3, will be based out of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a resort in Bataan which gathered together and reconstructed old Filipino architecture that would otherwise have been demolished. I’d been there many years before, when it hadn’t been opened to the public yet, and it was a beautiful place. Imagine running a triathlon through Calle Crisologo in Vigan, or through Intramuros in Manila? With the success of the Mt. Mayon Triathlon last month where athletes swam, biked, and ran against the backdrop of the magnificient Mayon Volcano, a picturesque and unique triathlon experience in a uniquely Filipino locale ranks high on my to-do list.

The race offers a pristine swim off the grey sand beach, a challenging bike course through Bataan’s hills, and a run that leads back onto the cobblestone streets of Las Casas.

 Bataan International Triathlon Swim
Bi3 Swim

Bataan International Triathlon Bike
Bi3 Bike

Bataan International Triathlon Run
Bi3 Run

The race weekend is designed for athletes of all levels. More experienced athletes can choose from the long-distance Largo, which takes them through the full distance of the course: 1.5km swim | 55km bike | 11km run. They can participate in the solo category or they can team up with a family member or a friend and participate in the amigo or buddy category, where both participants have to start and finish at the same time. There is also a relay category.

Less experienced athletes looking at doing a challenging sprint triathlon can participate in the Rapido category, which also has the solo and amigo categories. The Rapido consists of a 750m swim, 30km bike and 5.5km run.

Younger members of the family can participate in the following age-specific Junior Aquathlon events:

6 to 8 years old : 100m swim | 1km run
9 to 12 years old : 200m swim | 1.5 km run
13 to 16 years old : 300m swim | 2km run

Junior Aquathlon participants can choose to participate as solo athletes or as part of a Parent-Child tandem, wherein the parents will swim and run along with their children from start to finish. The parent-child category is open to the 6 to 8 and 9 to 12 age groups only.

You know what’s very important though? FOOD! As a reward for a hard day of racing, Bi3 participants will be welcomed to a post-race fiesta, where a variety of Filipino dishes will be served, including a wide selection of Filipino street food. (“Dirty” ice cream, please!) Overall category winners and the top age-group winners will be awarded at the post-race party along with the special awards for best in costume.

Two international athletes have already signed on for Bi3. Do the names Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack ring a bell?

Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack
Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack

This power couple rule the XTERRA offroad triathlon circuit and have also raced in the Philippines in the past. They are thrilled to be coming for Bi3 and say, “We have experienced first hand the amazing atmosphere, friendly people and beautiful places that the Philippines offers. So with that said we look forward to being involved with everything that’s on offer to provide us with the ultimate triathlon experience.”

Registration is open until November 15, 2014.

SOLO Php 3,300 (Early Bird Php 3,000)
AMIGO ‘Buddy’ Php 6,000 (Early Bird Php 5,700)
RELAY Php 7,800

Rapido Sprint:
SOLO Php 3,000 (Early bird Php 2,800)
AMIGO ‘Buddy’ Php 5,500 (Early bird Php 5,100)

Junior Aquathlon – 6-8 years old
SOLO Php 2,000 (Early bird Php 1,800)
Parent & Child Buddy Php 3,700 (Early bird Php 3,400)

Junior Aquathlon – 9-12 years old
SOLO Php 2,200 (Early bird Php 2,000)
Parent & Child Buddy Php 4,400 (Early bird Php 4,100)

Junior Aquathlon – 13-16 years old
SOLO Php 2,500 (Early bird Php 2,300)

Participants may register online through or through partner registration sites: Blackbeard’s Seafood Island (Luzon Branches), Bert Lozada Swim School (Ace Water Spa Pioneer and Q.C.), Bike King (Bonifacio High Street), Cycling Zone (Alabang), The Brick Multisport Store (McKinley Hill), Unison Bikes (D. Tuazon, Q.C.) and AQUATX (Glorietta 3).

You can also follow the Bi3 Facebook, Instagram @BataanInterTri, and Twitter @BataanInterTri for updates and details.

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Thanyapura Triathlon Supercamp, Day 5 to 8

This is part of a series of posts about the Thanyapura Triathlon Supercamp. Check out Supercamp Day 1 & 2, Supercamp Day 3 & 4, and the Supercamp podcast with Caroline Steffen and Macca.

You know you’re fatigued when memories of workouts start to merge into one another. After a good four days into triathlon training at Thanyapura, I started to come apart at the seams, which is why I’m only able to write about those last four days now. My brain basically stopped functioning and I was too sabaw (“soup brain”, for my non-Filipino readers) to put anything down into writing.

Thanyapura Supercamp
We all looked great, though. Maybe that’s why models… never mind.

Day 5

On Wednesday morning I woke up to a swim session designed to mimic Read more »

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Podcast Ep. 2: Thanyapura Supercamp, Interview w/ Xena & Macca

This is Kikay Runner On the Go’s second podcast episode featuring Thanyapura Supercamp and some massive interviews I scored with Caroline Steffen and Chris McCormack. We have a few shocking revelations…

Thanyapura Supercamp


Also on iTunes.

Show notes:

What was my biggest take-away from triathlon supercamp at Thanyapura? How hard did we work? Did we break, or break through?

Thank you so much to Thanyapura and MaccaX for making this trip possible, and thanks to Macca and Caroline for being so accommodating. Definitely watch out for Xena in Kona. She’s looking super strong and fit!

As for Macca racing, I’ll let him tell you the news…

Caroline Steffen “Xena” Interview

  • How long has she been training in Thanyapura?
  • How conducive are the facilities to a solid training block?
  • How is she able to back up and become stronger after doing successive races?
  • What is the dynamic like between her and her coach, Macca?
  • Plus a short message to her boyfriend David Dellow.

Chris McCormack “Macca” Interview

  • What is Thanyapura about? What are his duties as Chief Executive Chairman?
  • How big is the Philippine market for triathlon and how important is it to introduce Thanyapura’s facilities to them?
  • What are his thoughts about Supercamp so far? How engaged is he in the activities?
  • How does he manage (or not manage) training as a professional athlete and holding down an important job at Thanyapura?
  • What are his future racing plans?
  • A short message to Filipino triathletes.

Opening and closing music by

Let me know what you think about the podcast in the comments section!

This is part of a series of posts about the Thanyapura Triathlon Supercamp. Check out Supercamp Day 1 & 2, Supercamp Day 3 & 4, and Supercamp Day 5 to 8.

Blog Training Triathlon

Thanyapura Triathlon Supercamp, Day 3 & 4

This is part of a series of posts about the Thanyapura Triathlon Supercamp. Check out Supercamp Day 1 & 2, Supercamp Day 5 to 8, and the Supercamp podcast with Caroline Steffen and Macca.

Hello everyone! It’s been four days of our eight-day “Supercamp” triathlon training here at Thanyapura in Phuket, Thailand. It’s been a blast! We’ve had some tough sessions, but also lots of downtime where our bodies are able to recover and absorb the work. Yesterday was quite tough, but today was softer. Check out what’s happened so far.

Thanyapura Supercamp

Read more »

Online Triathlon Coaching - MaccaX
Online Triathlon Coaching - MaccaX

Online Triathlon Coaching - MaccaX

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