Six Common Workout Myths

Having worked in a gym for the bulk of my professional life, I’ve picked up on a lot of so-called workout advice by merely strolling around the gym and eavesdropping. I’ve heard a lot of stuff, some of them useful and some less so. For instance, I once heard a bodybuilder claim he’s in a bulking phase to explain the spare tire around his waistline. β€œIt will turn into muscle,” he said to his training buddy.

But is that really true? There are six workout myths I have kept coming across. Time to debunk them; the truth will set you free to aim for long-term fitness rather than looking for a quick fix.

Workout Myths vs. Facts


What I’m Doing When I’m Not Training

I’ve been in certain situations before where a health issue has prevented me from training, whether it’s injury or illness. In this recent case it was illness; after an ill-advised attempt at doing an aquathlon, I recovered from a cold only to get struck down by another respiratory infection, so for the past three weeks I haven’t done anything! With the ASTC Asian Triathlon Cup coming up at month’s end, this could be worrying, but I count myself blessed that I’m actually not racing for a living.

It takes tremendous talent, guts, and determination to be a full-time professional triathlete, and out of all the sports professionals in the world triathletes are among the most underrated and underpaid considering the long hours of hard work they put in. I have seen such people at work, and let me tell you they are in a different league to us age groupers.

What I’m happy about is that now for a living I get to support these athletes with my own unique skillset — that of wordcraft and helping execute media strategy. (more…)

Photo Run: Boracay

Despite my three years of absence, the island of Boracay still holds a certain charm just because of that long stretch of sand known simply as White Beach. This is where I spend all of the daylight hours whenever I’m in Boracay whether I’m just sunbathing and lazing on my beach towel, walking to get my fix of the famous Jonah’s milkshake or Real Coffee calamansi cake, or my latest love — stand-up paddleboarding.

Boracay White Beach run
This view is my therapy.

Every time I’m there, I have always attempted to run up and down Boracay’s western shoreline. I’m of the belief that you can discover more about a place when you explore it on foot.

I usually run in the early morning when the tide is low so I have more space to run. Slightly damp sand is also packed firm so it’s easier to run on. The whole stretch is approximately 4.5 kilometers combining White Beach (the main tourist beach) with Diniwid Beach on the north end of the island, which gives me a nice 9 kilometers round-trip.Β  (more…)

Kikay Reviews: ROKA Viper Elite swimskin

There are things that are essential gear for a triathlete: goggles and swim cap, helmet and bike, running shoes.

Then there are things that are nice to have: aero helmets and disc wheels for the bike, compression calf sleeves for the run, and speedsuits (also called swimskins) for non-wetsuit swims.

As a member of Team MaccaX I benefit from a nice little discount on ROKA items off their website (, so I decided to get myself something special for Christmas last year: a ROKA Viper Elite swimskin.

Roka Viper Elite swimskin
Swimming with the ROKA Viper Elite swimskin

The main function of a swimskin is to eliminate drag that would be caused by a tri suit. (more…)

Training Venues: Subic Bay

This is part of a new series about training venues for running, cycling, and swimming near Metro Manila.

With only a two-and-a-half hour drive separating it from Metro Manila, Subic Bay is the preferred location for a bunch of races on the multisport calendar. It’s hard not to see why: this former U.S. base has open water, safe and well-paved roads whether flat or hilly, and plenty of good accommodation options. In fact, you’ll also often see local tri teams organize training weekends in Subic, especially before major races. Now, it’s also a training base for elite and pro athletes both local and foreign.

Next Step Tri Challenger Camp
During one training camp in Subic