How to Exercise When Traveling (Fitness Diary, 4/52)

I had a pretty interesting week due to travel. It can be challenging to stick to a workout routine when away from home, but my chosen sport of running makes this much easier because it isn’t very equipment-dependent. I also incorporate exercise when I plan my trip itinerary, because I need to know what I’m packing so I don’t over- or under-pack.

One rule of thumb I follow is that for every three days of travel, I need to bring at least one set of running clothes and an extra sports bra. Continue reading “How to Exercise When Traveling (Fitness Diary, 4/52)”

Fitness Diary, Week 3 of 52

Given all the big but aborted race plans I had last year, I’ve decided to approach 2018 differently. My body is not as forgiving as it used to be of big jumps in intensity and mileage, resulting in plenty of sickness downtime. Sure I’d be fit and on top of the world for a few weeks, but I’d have to take two weeks off due to a persistent cold or sore throat.

Instead, my goal this year is consistency. Continue reading “Fitness Diary, Week 3 of 52”

Happy New Year!

It is now the second week of January and although this isn’t my first post in 2018, it is the first time I’m addressing fitness matters now that my December running challenge is over.

I’m proud to say that I definitely stayed active during the holiday season, just exercising and doing a little bit every day. Things got kind of rough towards the last week of 2017 when lack of sleep started to catch up with me, but thankfully I didn’t have to do anything super strenuous anyway, so I was able to recuperate.

The worst thing when starting a new year is feeling like you’re dead in the water and need to get the engine started and momentum going. That’s why I kept active throughout December thanks to the Nike Run Club app. Regular exercise coupled with sensible eating (only until I was satisfied) resulted in a four-pound weight loss despite the numerous opportunities to feast! These were awesome results to start 2018 with, and I definitely feel motivated that I can continue losing the extra weight I carried through most of 2017. Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

How to Survive Noche Buena Feasting

When November and December roll around, it’s almost a guarantee that people will gain weight thanks to all the holiday parties. Being part of a big Filipino family, much of our major get-togethers revolve around food, with Christmas and New Year being very big deals.

I find that to keep my sanity this time of year, a relaxed approach to food restrictions works. My main emphasis is on portion size so I can taste everything on the buffet with minimal impact to my waistline. (Exercising also is important, just to maintain the habit!) Continue reading “How to Survive Noche Buena Feasting”

December Running Challenge, Week 2

December always makes me want to stay at home in bed. The weather continues to cool and I’ve been able to use a few long coats that usually stay buried in my closets for 80% of the year. Hey, for a girl who lives in a country with temperature highs of 34 degrees Celsius this year, 24 degrees is sweater weather! Then again, we had a late-season typhoon that brought calamity across the Visayas — and another typhoon is forecast for Christmas. (Click here for a list of relief operations for Typhoon Urduja.) Climate change strikes again…

It’s Week 2 of my December Running Challenge and I’m getting into a very good groove with the running — although to be honest, the plan I started in the Nike+ Running Club app is on the easy side and I don’t quite know why? The longest session on the plan this week is 15 minutes! So, to compensate, I tack on a much longer warm-up and cool-down so I can hit at least 30 minutes per run.

I have been looking into other workout options to do in between running days, though. Continue reading “December Running Challenge, Week 2”

December Running Challenge, Week 1

December is usually a time for Christmas cheer, but it’s also when most runners let go of their running plans (and their waistlines). I don’t want to start the New Year desperately vowing to lose weight I gained over the holiday season, so I’m going to do my best to keep it off! So here’s my strategy in the Battle of the Holiday Bulge…

I really need to run more.

There, I said it. The reason I’m gaining weight, the reason I’ve slowed down, the reason I don’t have happy endorphins flowing through my veins is because I haven’t been running as much as I should.

Sure, I’ve been sick, been traveling, and a myriad other excuses. But let’s put all those aside. I really do need to exercise more and the best way to get me to do that is to put a pair of running shoes on my feet and kick my ass out the door to run. Continue reading “December Running Challenge, Week 1”