A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

As a child, I was bookish, studious — one might say a nerd. While I enjoyed a bit of tag or hanging about on the monkey bars at recess, my idea of regular exercise was once-a-week gym class. Even then, I was a benchwarmer.

I only discovered the truth of the saying mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body) as I grew older and my personal health flagged due to a sedentary lifestyle. Continue reading “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”

[QUIZ] What’s Your Workout Type?

Want to spark an active and fit lifestyle, but just don’t know where to begin? Need to fire up your routine, but don’t know what you should try? To stay healthy you need approximately 30 minutes of moderately intense physical activity most days of the week, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Find the hottest workout fit for your personality with this quick (non-scientific) quiz. You’ll be burning calories in no time!

The type of workout you might enjoy depends on your personality. Continue reading “[QUIZ] What’s Your Workout Type?”

Run Happy Crew Every Wednesday

Run Happy Crew

Plenty of run groups have made Bonifacio Global City their base of operations. At least three different brands hold clinics on almost all days of the week out of the Bonifacio High Street area, alongside independent groups that have been a fixture here for years.

Away from the madding crowd, the Run Happy Crew have carved a niche out at Kerry Sports Manila in Shangri-La Fort, holding sessions every Wednesday from March 29 to May 3. Led by sports medicine physio extraordinaire Francis Diano of PACE Prehab & Recovery with the support of 2XU and Brooks, these sessions are structured with one main focus each week to help you become a better runner. Continue reading “Run Happy Crew Every Wednesday”

An Open Letter from Noelle’s Body

Hey y’all. This is Noelle’s body writing. It’s usually her brain coming up with her blog posts and on the whole I think she makes a lot of sense, especially when she writes about listening to her body.

Except sometimes she just doesn’t listen to me. Like this whole “signing up for a triathlon only nine months after near-catastrophic immune collapse”. You know, I needed antibiotics for a week to fight off that infection, and then more rest for another week (actually, should have been another two months). But no, she had to go off and race Challenge Vietnam because she’d already signed up for it and wouldn’t it be a big waste of travel arrangements, etc.

Listen, at this point I’m up for nice and easy 10-kilometer runs, but three hours of swimming, biking, and running where I just know she’s going to push me to my limit despite saying we’ll take it easy isn’t going to do me any favors. I know Noelle’s Brain can still work even if she’s injured or ill, but ya know, the brain is also part of the body…

I’ve decided to force Noelle to lie back with fever and flu for a few days after a very enjoyable yet mildly tiring Holy Week vacation. Now she’s listening to me. If she doesn’t rest now there could be worse to come.

It took her a good few years of working out in gyms to build up enough fitness to race marathons and triathlons, and she went at it very incrementally. I don’t know what led her to think that starting from zero she could suddenly race long again after less than a year. For all that brainpower, honey, she wasn’t thinking.

Anyway, we’ll still be around trying to rebuild our fitness — but no shortcuts this time. What she’s feeling this time isn’t as bad as it got last year, and she definitely does not want to go back there.

(BTW she’ll be so pissed I wrote this, but she’s currently hopped up on paracetamol and a little sleepy.)

Road to SuBIT Week 12: I’m Not Ready

This is the part I start panicking. I’ve always assumed that SuBIT would keep the flat bike course that age groupers have used for the past two years, but given that the swim has been moved back to the former Dungaree Beach (now ACEA) and given the whole retro theme that’s been going on, they’ve gone back to the classic bike course that puts athletes on the hilly road towards Ocean Adventure before sending them down to the false flats of the commercial district.

I’ve done SuBIT on this course before, and it was painful stuff when I was much fitter. I shudder to think of how slowly I’ll slog up the hills now, not to mention how slowly I’ll ride down the technical descents. I need to get up to Subic to familiarize myself with this course once again, but I’ve really not given myself enough time for this. Continue reading “Road to SuBIT Week 12: I’m Not Ready”

Road to SuBIT, Week 11: Get Things Done

Last week was a bit of a strange one for me. While I should have started settling back into my daily rhythms and schedules, I had the Coldplay concert in Singapore on the weekend. Anticipating more travel, my brain went on vacation mode.

Having a physical planner to write things down in has helped me immensely in keeping track of not just work, but also training. It’s one thing to upload stuff to Strava and Fitbit; it’s another to have it all on paper and keep checking things off your to-do list. Thanks to Belle de Jour Power Planners, I had a whole boxload of planners and daybooks to ship out to my friends and loved ones to help them organize their lives. Continue reading “Road to SuBIT, Week 11: Get Things Done”

Road to SuBIT, Week 10: Sydney Sidetrip

Hello once again, Philippines! I’m so happy to be back home after two long weeks away, and finally getting back into training. I only have four weeks to go until the Subic Bay International Triathlon and suffice it to say I might be underdone. But I have absolutely no regrets about being away for Super League Hamilton Island and then taking the better part of a week to see Sydney, a city I have often read and heard about but had never been to. Continue reading “Road to SuBIT, Week 10: Sydney Sidetrip”