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Century Tuna 5150 Triathlon 2014

As my last race before Challenge Roth, the Century Tuna 5150 Triathlon was supposed to be the perfect tune-up: not too long, so recovery would be fast, but a significant hit-out to make sure all systems are GO.

I kind of got what I wanted from this race, and then some!

Century Tuna 5150 Triathlon

It was a pretty easy drive from Manila to Subic on Saturday, about 2.5 hours from the time I left my home to the time I got to race central, the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center (SBECC).

Century Tuna 5150 Triathlon
You know you’re at a triathlon when…

Inside, the place was already abuzz read more »

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The Next Step Triathlon Pinnacle Camp

While the rest of the world (or so it seemed) was out racing hard this weekend, I was secluded with a group of fellow athletes at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club for some fun group training sessions at Pinnacle Camp. This is the second of the Next Step Triathlon Camp Series this year and was meant as a build weekend for those heading to Tri United 2 or Ironman 70.3 Philippines.

Pinnacle Camp
Pinnacle Camp 2014 *

I felt very much the veteran at camp with so many new faces around doing their first long course triathlons in a few months’ time whether as an individual or as part of a relay. I’m still preparing for Challenge Roth; with Coach Ani doing the race this year and Coach Dan having done it twice before, I was read more »

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Next Step Triathlon Series: Pinnacle Camp on June 7-8

Are you in the best shape you can be for your upcoming triathlons? I love attending camps — the social aspect of training alongside fellow athletes and friends, the competitive aspect of pushing each other further and faster, and the athletic benefit of knowing where you are in terms of fitness and readiness.

The Next Step Triathlon Series Pinnacle Camp is on June 7-8.

The Next Step Triathlon Pinnacle Camp on June 7-8
The Next Step Triathlon Pinnacle Camp on June 7-8

The Pinnacle Camp is perfect prep work for those racing in a few months’ time at Tri United 2 and Cobra Ironman 70.3. Led by coaches Dan and Ani Brown, lay down some quality mileage, consult with experts, and experience some bonding with your fellow participants in Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast.

For me, I’ll take any help I can get in my build-up to Challenge Roth. Coach Ani is also doing that race so it would be nice to pick her brains about nutrition, further training, and race-day strategy.

Camp registration fee is P1,000, which includes the support vehicle, Gatorade and Enervon HP drinks, and a bike mechanic. This is exclusive of accommodations, but you can easily book at the Pico Sands Hotel. To register, please email or

For more information about all the Next Step Triathlon camps, please visit The Next Step Triathlon Facebook page.

Next Step Tri Camp: after running
See you there!

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Where Can You Do Run, Bike, and Swim Training in Manila?

Being based out of Metro Manila has its perks. My work is here at the various gyms I teach classes at, all the good sports stores are within reach, and it’s where plenty of runs are held almost every weekend.

Unfortunately, training in the city is another matter entirely. Metro Manila the mega-city was cobbled together from different cities and municipalities that spread out and merged into each other, so there wasn’t any city planning to give us proper sidewalks, bike paths, parks, and sports complexes. It is also a highly-congested city with more than its fair share of vehicular traffic and pollution. These are not the ideal training grounds at all.

I sometimes find myself envying my buddy Joel who relocated to Cagayan de Oro City some years ago; he tells me he can ride from his doorstep out onto long stretches of road where he can train undisturbed for hours. He’s got access to a track and a pool as well, and I think he’s made the biggest leaps in his athletic fitness since he moved there. (The fresh air also has something to do with it, I think…)

But we’ve got to do the best with what we’ve got, and this blog post is an attempt at identifying the places in this city that most athletes I know train at.

Xpert.PH shoot
Where can you train in Metro Manila?

read more »

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Bintan Triathlon 2014

Barely three weeks after doing the Subic Bay International Triathlon (Olympic distance), I found myself on the starting line of another race, the Bintan Triathlon. But this time, it was on unfamiliar territory in a different country against unknown competitors I’d never raced before.

A few hours later, I was partying onstage with fellow podium finishers and the lone pro who showed up, Chris “Macca” McCormack. To say race week was epic would be an understatement.

Bintan Triathlon + SG trip
Baby, you’re a firework, come and show them what you’re worth…

But first, let’s backtrack to how I got into this race in the first place. The Bintan Triathlon read more »

Online Triathlon Coaching - MaccaX
Online Triathlon Coaching - MaccaX

Train with the 4x World Champion Chris Macca McCormack

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