Road to Super League Tri, Week 3

The human body is full of surprises. Last week was my third week of real training, and despite feeling really sluggish throughout my previous workouts all of last year, I was shocked at how fast everything seemed to be coming back for me. So I had to take extra care with recovery as well because my “test race” at Super League Singapore is coming up this week, and I can’t pull up sick or injured.

Monday: I took it very easy with a 30-minute walk/run on a treadmill in the afternoon because I had felt really tired when I woke up in the morning.

Tuesday: These days, it’s the perfect temperature to go swimming, and I’m blessed our condo pool is just a few steps away and usually devoid of people. This one was 50-meter intervals done at different paces, and it felt good to build up the mileage.

Wednesday: Depending on how consistent we can be, we’re probably starting a weekly afternoon track session on Wednesdays, open to any friends who are available. This session was half a pyramid set building from 400 to 1600, and these guys had me running my fastest mile in years!

Thursday: I’ve been using some MX Endurance workouts to keep my training sessions structured, and “Stackers” was an indoor bike trainer workout I used to do weekly to build the strength in my legs. The numbers I’ve been hitting have been better than my last rides back in 2017…

Friday: A short speed session in the pool was a great way to get some training in but still give my body space to recover from the hard efforts on Wednesday and Thursday. Good thing too, because my IT band started to twinge so I had to give it some attention with my foam roller.

Saturday: I was supposed to hit Sabak’s indoor cycling studio again for one last long ride in the morning before I leave for Singapore this week, but I felt plastered to the bed. By 11am though I was on my own bike trainer at home to log some saddle time. (Honestly, riding outdoors is much easier, huhu.)

Sunday: Everyone at home seems to have caught the cold! So I slept in and took a nap in the afternoon to make sure I was getting enough recovery on my rest day.

While Super League Singapore is not my target race, it still is technically race week now and I’ll be busy trying to get all my stuff together. I have to get a bit of training done but try to stay fresh as well. And most importantly I have to pack my bike and make sure I can put it back together properly! It’s exciting times, but I’m also a little anxious since I haven’t done this in a long while.

I’m a little bit more vain now when it comes to how I dress when I’m traveling internationally for a race. I’d rather not spend all day wearing sport kit, but comfort is still key. So thanks so much to Melissa Philippines for these new comfy shoes I can wear for both Singapore and Bali trips! The Melissa Philippines online store is currently on Valentine’s Day sale, so you can cop some great deals if you log on ASAP.

wearing the best-selling Melissa Jean x Jason Wu ballet flats
wearing the best-selling Melissa Jean x Jason Wu ballet flats

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