adidas SOLARBOOST Review

According to Adidas, their brand new SOLARBOOST features “rocket science you can wear.” As the successor to and replacement of the Supernova and Energy BOOST models, this shoe promises to deliver comfort, superior cushioning, and energy return to give runners the self-confidence boost needed to perform at their best.

Given that I’d only previously used one shoe silhouette — the BOOST X models with their adaptive “floating” arches and socklike uppers — I was excited to run in a more traditional shoe shape which still uses the signature technology that adidas uses: the BOOST midsole, the Stretchweb outsole using Continental rubber, and Parley fabric material made from recycled plastic.

Check out my vlog review below:

I think the biggest contrast between the SOLARBOOST and the UltraBOOST X is how roomy the shoe feels. Even though the shoe width is practically the same, the way the upper is constructed gives your forefoot and arch plenty of space to expand, which happens during long-distance running. At the same time, the cushioning around the ankle and the SOLARBOOST’s use of a tongue instead of the more trendy tongueless construction makes this a very comfortable shoe. You can say that the SOLARBOOST is a very approachable, friendly shoe. To use an Archie Comics analogy, if the UltraBOOST X is a Veronica, the SOLARBOOST is a Betty.


Group run with Adidas Runners Manila in UP to launch the SOLARBOOST


I had a smile on my face as I ran in the SOLARBOOST for the first time


The adidas SOLARBOOST is perfect for Sunday long runs

My use of the SOLARBOOST coincided with the adidas Parley Run for the Oceans initiative through the month of June, which I wrote about in a separate post. So I had plenty of opportunity and motivation to rack up the mileage running three times a week. While my fitness at this point hasn’t built up to going beyond seven kilometers in one go, I can tell you that my feet did not complain at all. No hot spots, no foot cramps, and most importantly no joint pain. The only thing I felt was post-exercise muscle soreness as I increased my mileage and intensity. The SOLARBOOST is also quite light, even with the support and cushioning it offers. It never felt clunky or heavy.

I have no complaints about the SOLARBOOST, except for one: why does the men’s version have the orange highlights and the women’s doesn’t? (So it’s pretty much just a cosmetic thing; if I were determined enough to have that colorway, I could buy a men’s shoe in my size.)

You can expect the adidas SOLARBOOST to be a regular part of my shoe rotation now, especially for the long easy runs.

The adidas SOLARBOOST is available online and in select adidas stores, priced at P8,000. For more information, visit or

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