Ask Kikay Runner: What Makeup to Wear While Running?

I have been getting this question since time immemorial — or at least, ever since I started blogging about running. “What makeup do you/can you wear while running?”

A few years ago I would have said I don’t wear any makeup whenever sweating is involved because it’s likely to melt off and get in my eyes, or clog my pores and cause pimples! But in the last few years (AKA since I started to age and become more self-conscious about appearance), I’ve begun to understand why people wear makeup or want to do so while exercising.

Also, as one ages, eyebrows start becoming more sparse or light-colored. So when my lush eyebrows started disappearing, I realized the importance of having well-groomed defined eyebrows. Everyday — even if it’s a barefaced, minimal makeup day — I draw my eyebrows on because “Kilay is life.” But when the sweat starts pouring down, eyebrows disappear as you towel off.

So when I discovered eyebrow tints and eyebrow “tattoo” gel products, it seemed I’d found the answer to having a “face” even while sweating. Of course, this came with some trial-and-error as some of the tints I tried either a) turned my eyebrows green or b) pulled off eyebrow hair when I peeled them off (counterproductive to when you want full eyebrows!). This latest one I’m using seems to be working well, although I need to practice applying it so it doesn’t go all over the place.

I also discuss lip and cheek tint, another makeup product you can use during sweat sessions. I’m still a believer in having as little product on your skin when sweating, but understand how empowering having a healthy glow can be. Cheek tints usually dissolve with sweat, but at the end of a run you will still have a natural blush due to the blood rushing to your face from exercise.

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