Fitness Diary, Week 5 of 52

This is the most consistent I’ve been with working out in the past few months. I’m definitely feeling a difference, if not in my body then at least in my mind. It’s probably the exercise-generated endorphins talking, but my mood is definitely better and I’m a bit more easygoing rather than being anal about everything. I’m also stress-eating a lot less, and junk food isn’t as big a lure as it used to be. I now run every other day, with yoga sessions on the alternate days. I guess you could say I’ve “hit my stride”, LOL!

My main issue last week was getting enough sleep. In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been turning out Youtube videos almost weekly. The problem with my workflow is that when I’m in the middle of editing, I can’t stop even when the sun has already risen on a new day. I’m a little obsessive this way: I just need to finish whatever I start. I hope with time I’ll find a more efficient workflow that doesn’t cause me to sacrifice sleep — or maybe I’ll get better at editing so it doesn’t take me a whole day to edit a video! (Well, when I started out it took me about 18 hours to put together a video from a three-day trip. Shorter vlog reviews and how-to’s now take me just a day from recording all the way to editing and uploading.)

If you’re interested, please check out my channel on Youtube!

For the past two years, January has always been a hectic month for work, and this year is no different. It includes the work that was supposed to have been done in December (but everyone couldn’t be bothered, haha!). Sometimes it can be really tempting to use being busy as an excuse not to exercise. Don’t give in!

I work from home, and going to the gym takes me three hours round-trip (30-45 minutes to get there, an hour to work out, 15-30 minutes to shower and dress, then 30-45 minutes to go home). It’s perfectly fine when I don’t have to head home immediately from the gym because I have other errands to attend to outside the house. But when there’s no time to get to the gym or when the traffic is exceptionally bad, a home workout is the next best thing. Thankfully I have a one-kilometer track to run downstairs in the condo complex, and we have a 25-meter lap pool, too (although I haven’t been in there since October). When I’m feeling especially lazy, there’s always the living room and 15-minute high-intensity circuits using nothing but body weight. I think I’ve done a good job making sure I have no excuses.

Well, except for today, because it’s the first day of my period and I’m allowing myself a day to be cranky. ;) But honestly a gentle workout can relieve menstrual cramps, too, so this excuse isn’t really going to fly.

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