Road to Angkor Wat, Week 4

As race day draws ever closer, I have started focusing more on the run work and trying to make my legs stronger. My Color Manila Glitter Run experience showed me that I have the aerobic engine and can sustain a pace for an hour. For the next few weeks I will need to keep putting kilometers in these legs. As I told a friend, “I don’t want to hurt on race day.”  Continue reading “Road to Angkor Wat, Week 4”

No-Pressure Fun at Color Manila Glitter Run

Last Sunday I crossed the finish line looking like a cross between a Na’vi from “Avatar” and a Smurf, cracking open a full-toothed smile for the first time over the 10 kilometers. No, this wasn’t a Halloween costume run, but the second edition of the Color Manila Glitter Run. I’d avoided smiling because at the last Color Manila Run I’d attended, I’d grinned all the way through and ended up looking like Pennywise with stained teeth. This time around I was going for the unicorn-vomit look.

I’d signed up at the last-minute thanks to the wonderful organizers who I know always put on a top-notch event. I was looking for a way to test myself in a race situation over a defined distance while also taking pressure off myself, and the Color Manila Glitter Run was perfect: an untimed fun run with a start and finish line so I wouldn’t be tempted to cut the route partway. Continue reading “No-Pressure Fun at Color Manila Glitter Run”

Anytime Fitness Opens 50th Club in the Philippines

As Manila continues to grow more congested, it’s increasingly more difficult to get around. This is why despite holding a membership to a gym chain with numerous branches all over the metro, I only go to the four closest to home, or hit the one nearest the location of an appointment.

That’s one of the reasons Anytime Fitness has risen in recent years to become the largest chain of fitness gyms in the Philippines. In a time where other gyms have shuttered branches, Anytime Fitness has expanded beyond Metro Manila to Laguna, Pampanga, Baguio, Cavite, Cebu, and Davao. They opened their 50th club in the country last week at their Glorietta 5 location in the heart of Makati’s central shopping district. When I posted about attending the grand opening on my Instagram Stories, I got some really excited comments from followers who wanted a tour of the facilities. Continue reading “Anytime Fitness Opens 50th Club in the Philippines”

Road to Angkor Wat, Week 3

The third week of my progression towards the Angkor Wat Half Marathon went quite well physically. After DNSing an intended race the previous week due to a cold developing, to bounce right back into training without symptoms going full-blown was a sign I’d done the right thing.

One of the things I enjoy about training for endurance sports is that there’s always something new to learn about my body’s capabilities. While I know with consistency I will improve my fitness and my speed, how much I improve is still a mystery until I test myself. Even then, my body is not a machine and there are so many variables that can affect performance on the day. I enjoy this bit of unpredictability and take great pleasure in surprising myself. Continue reading “Road to Angkor Wat, Week 3”

Meet the Filipino Finishers of the World’s Toughest Ultra Trail Festival

This is a late post, but it’s taken me a while to think of how best to write about these exceptional people. The world of trail running is something I am content to get peeks at through the stories of friends who participate in these sorts of races, but it takes a special kind of crazy to go into ultra distance trail racing. Many thanks to Race Yaya for introducing me and fellow members of the media to the Filipinos who finished their respective events at the UTMB Festival in Chamonix, France this year.

The UTMB or Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc is a world-reknowned single-stage mountain ultramarathon. The UTMB proper is 166 kilometers long with a 9,600-meter total elevation gain held in the Alps traversing the countries of Switzerland, Italy, and France. There are also sister races linked to the week-long UTMB Festival: TDS or Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie (119 km +7,250 m), the CCC or Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix (101 km +6,100 m), the OCC or Orsières-Champex-Chamonix (53 km +3,300 m), as well as the non-competitive team event known as La Petite Trotte à Léon (approx. 300 km +28,000 m).

While this isn’t the first year the local trail community has fielded participants to the UTMB Festival, it was a particularly bumper-crop year with entrants to all the individual categories. Continue reading “Meet the Filipino Finishers of the World’s Toughest Ultra Trail Festival”

Last Chance to Register for Color Manila Glitter Run on October 22

When it comes to fun, pressure-free runs, I always turn to Color Manila’s roster of events. Their upcoming CM Glitter Run this Sunday, October 22 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds is bound to be another good one featuring their latest spin on the fun run: a glitter station!

Color Manila Glitter Run on October 22

With 3K, 5K, and 10K untimed distances, runners will go through a glitter shower spree as well as a foam station on top of the usual color stations that are the signature for Color Manila runs. Post-run, don’t go home just yet because the party is just getting started with the Color Festival, an extravaganza of color powder and music.

Color Manila VP Justine Cordero says, “Just when you think you’ve seen and experienced it all, CM Glitter Run comes in and combines everything that you’ll ever love to have in a fun run. Glitter, foam, color powders, retro music, and more!”  Continue reading “Last Chance to Register for Color Manila Glitter Run on October 22”

Road to Angkor Wat, Week 2

It’s a little frustrating and embarrassing to report that I DNS’ed another run race last weekend. After being mega-determined to get that under my belt, suddenly on Saturday afternoon I felt the telltale signs of a cold descend on me: a congested nose and slightly sore throat. (There were a few people at home already sick, so I probably got it from them.) That, plus the sudden declaration of an ASEAN security dry-run in the area I would be driving through on my way home was enough to make me pull the plug. Live to fight another day, as they say.

So I’ve decided to use my kit for the Color Manila Glitter Run for this weekend, and hopefully I’m in a better physical space to take on my first 10K since April’s Star Wars Run SG.

Meanwhile, the rest of last week’s training was uneventful, although it was nice to do two back-to-back run sessions and really get some time on my feet. Continue reading “Road to Angkor Wat, Week 2”