A Week in the Life #13

I’ve started to get a little stir-crazy within this Nike Training Club program, especially now that an old love is calling to me…

Of course I’m talking triathlon. A few things happened last week that make me want to start training again, even if just for short distances. For one thing, registration for the Ironman Philippines opened last Tuesday and it really, really sucked not to be within striking distance of fitness to be able to sign up for it.

Week in the Life 13

fave hosts Chiqui Reyes and Gelli Victor hosted the registration breakfast

Week in the Life 13

Ironman Philippines

I’m basically at zero specific fitness for triathlon, and while there have been those who’ve gone from zero to Ironman in a year, that’s not something I’m willing to put myself through especially after my health troubles. So I’m going to sit that one out. But seeing those friendly faces old and new at the Ironman Philippines registration breakfast and then them asking me why they hadn’t seen me at the training grounds lately, I was definitely struck with a pang of yearning.

This weekend was the first time since 2010 that I hadn’t gone to the Ironman 70.3 Philippines. I’ve been involved in some way with that race ever since 2011 when I did a relay as a runner. When the race moved from Camsur to Cebu, I signed up as a relay cyclist, and the following year I did my first half-ironman there, followed by two more in succeeding years. Last year was the first time I went as a spectator. This year, nothing. So the past weekend I alternated between feelings of FOMO because many tri friends were in Cebu, and forgetting that there was a race going on.

Speaking of tri friends, Coach Paolo Leano of Inside Track Athletics raced Challenge Roth last month as his first iron distance triathlon. He was so kind to bring me back a glass tumbler to pair with my old one from back in 2014.

Week in the Life 13

2014, meet 2017

Then, I followed the Norseman triathlon coverage throughout Sunday because history was about to be made by the first Filipina ever to attempt it. Laarni Paredes, who last year provided support to her husband Omar Paredes as the first Filipino to finish Norseman, was raffled a slot for this year’s race. This time, their roles were reversed. After 17 grueling hours, Laarni crossed the finish line.

I’ve been offered a slot to the Singapore Triathlon sprint distance in September (I don’t think I can get fit fast enough, but the offer’s on the table). And then yeah, I may possibly be doing a half-marathon somewhere in Southeast Asia in December. So, um, I guess it’s time to get back into it slowly? I’m just so freaking afraid of overdoing things again, but I also know I’d like to get back into doing the things I love.

As the summer’s most popular song goes, “Despacito” — slowly.

Week in the Life 13

not gonna say I’m back yet. but slowly…

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