Maxicare Run on July 9

I really like when major companies promote a health advocacy by conducting a fun run. It expands our selection of races as well as benefits those who need help. (And it’s also pretty good marketing mileage for the companies.)

Coinciding with their 30th anniversary celebration, Maxicare is hosting the Maxicare Run on July 9, 2017 at Bonifacio Global City. A long-time sponsor at races, this premier healthcare provider in the Philippines has taken the next step in their healthcare advocacy.

 photo 18275268_1319582684743761_8876622587068616576_n_zpslxe7cdd0.jpg

The Maxicare Run will benefit Bahay Aruga, a halfway house for pediatric cancer patients undergoing outpatient treatment at the Philippine General Hospital. Continue reading “Maxicare Run on July 9”

A Week in the Life #2

I’ve been sleeping through way too many gun starts lately, but I’m glad to have logged all my scheduled workouts last week, plus one extra for good measure.

I’m not training for triathlon; instead, I’ve been using the Nike+ Training Club app’s Training Plan function. I selected a “Lean Fit” six-week program because I want to get lean and improve my overall fitness. I input the amount of time and access to equipment I have into the app, and it selected a series of workouts for the next six weeks. All I have to do is download each of the workouts before I head to the gym and just push “Start” when I get there.

This has been instrumental in getting me out the door, through an hour in the gym, and back at my desk without completely draining me of what little energy I have these days. And with every workout I tick off during the week, I feel like I’m pushing back this fog of ennui that’s crept over my life. Continue reading “A Week in the Life #2”

A Week in the Life #1

I’ve been blogging for 17 years, with seven of those years focused on writing about my running and fitness journey. But I very rarely have gone without some big race to prepare for. I even wrote about how to plan for a season of racing, and being asked what my next race is as a way runners greet one another.

But this year it seems as though my big plans have gone down the drain, whether it’s because my body is unwilling or the race I wanted to do has been postponed. Continue reading “A Week in the Life #1”

Star Wars Run SG 2017

Singapore is one of my favorite cities to visit, and I’m a fan of Star Wars, so it didn’t take much nudging to sign up for the Star Wars Run SG. It really helped that they announced some great swag in their race kit and sold light sabers at a discounted price.

The actual race would happen on the evening of May 6 or what Star Wars fans call “Revenge of the Sixth Day”, with a festival commencing from Star Wars Day on May 4 (“May the Fourth Be With You”) at Gardens by the Bay. Continue reading “Star Wars Run SG 2017”

Kikay Reviews: New Balance Vazee Prism V2

I haven’t done a shoe review in quite a while no thanks to being quite busy with work. However, today I’ve got some time to burn at the airport (four hours before flight departure!) and much to say about the New Balance Vazee Prism V2.

I’ve been running in the Vazee Prism since January, when Planet Sports so generously seeded it to me. It’s become my go-to shoe for runs longer than an hour and offers such a great ride when I feel like going for a cruise-y run. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: New Balance Vazee Prism V2”