Hot Sos: Solenn Heussaff’s New Fitness Book

While I am interested in fitness, I rarely pick up fitness books unless they’re written by someone I believe has the cachet to speak about getting in shape and getting healthy. So when I saw that Solenn Heussaff had written a fitness book (and it was edited by one of my Endure teammates hehe), I was interested in what she could offer in this space.┬áIt turns out, quite a lot.

Hot Sos book launch
Hot Sos
Before Solenn, or “Sos” as her friends call her, was the bombshell media personality we know, she was known as “Free Willy” due to being a big kid. Then during her university days she became a party girl and binge drinker.

It took a major life change to get her on the right track, and in this book Solenn encourages her readers to take their first steps toward health through exercise, a better diet, and loving themselves.

At the book launch, Solenn took 40 participants through a 30-minute fitness routine that’s similar to what she does on a daily basis. She loves doing circuit training, and I know this is great for blasting calories and toning muscles effectively.

It was a scorcher of a workout, and this endurance athlete was no match for the fast-twitch high-intensity high-tempo moves, especially when it came to some of the core work. Ouch!

Hot Sos
some of the training moves showcased in Hot Sos

Hot Sos book launch
nothing like a new workout routine to make you feel unfit

Hot Sos book launch
I’m not in this picture because I looked like a mess after the workout.

My one consolation after the workout was knowing that, if this sort of exercise is done with regularity, anybody can do what we had just done. Solenn’s just been doing it far longer.

Summit Books approached Solenn to do the workout book, and she was thrilled she would get to share the story of her fitness journey. “It’s really geared for beginners,” she said.

That’s what this country needs more of: people to start making healthier choices in their lives. That isn’t to say Solenn doesn’t have fun nights out, or eat anything dieters would shudder at. But moderation instead of restrictive is key. I’m excited to try out some of the recipes in her book!

Hot Sos
You can eat healthy food that’s still yummy.

Many congratulations on the book, Sos! May more people find inspiration to take that first step towards fitness and health.

(A little disclosure: I think Solenn is definitely #goals.)

Solenn Heussaff’s book Hot Sos is available at National Bookstore branches for P295.

Hot Sos book launch
me, managing editor Tracy Carpena, Solenn Heussaff, and Running Diva Roselle Dadal

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3 thoughts on “Hot Sos: Solenn Heussaff’s New Fitness Book

  1. while Hot Sos is an epic fiery work-out book to shape up!, the fonts are in a bad shape. it was waaay too tiny.

    i read the whole book in one sitting and my eyes hurt.

    i squinted a lot.

    Congratulations to Ms. Solenn and thank you for sharing your work-out secrets!

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