Fresh Spotify Playlists for Running

Music has been an important part of my training this year, especially as I tried to push through the last few weeks leading into the races. I just realized that I haven’t put any new playlists up for you to try out and enjoy in your workouts!

Now that I have a lot more time on my hands, I decided to tidy up the one playlist I’ve been using and separate the tracks for two different kinds of training session: Speed Work, and Long Run.

One of the funniest comments I got on the first playlist I put up on this blog is that it inadvertently caused listeners to go faster on what were supposed to be easy runs. Talk about motivational! In practice, though, I switch to slower-tempo songs for my long runs to help me hold back, and move into the uptempo, heavier-sounding tracks for when I need to pound the pavement hard. Check these out! Continue reading “Fresh Spotify Playlists for Running”

Short Circuit to Total Body Fitness

Working out doesn’t have to take your entire day, unless you’re a professional athlete or bodybuilder. If you’re just like the rest of us, you want to be fit and look good in the least amount of time needed, which probably explains the popularity of late-night infomercials about the latest machine that will give you several workouts in one.

But no major purchase is required for a decades-old workout methodology that gives you a cardio and strength workout combined. I’m talking about circuit training, and how a simple series of exercise combinations can burn fat, tone muscle, and give you the health and strength you need.

Circuit Fitness Routine

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Under Armour Run Crew Begins on October 1

Last Wednesday, Under Armour invited a few bloggers including yours truly to meet their sports ambassadors and experience some of the workouts they do. We met up at Kerry Sports at Shangri-La The Fort (and that’s a massive complex that needs its own blog post).

UA Run Crew

First up was Zoe Pond-McPherson, who won the Under Armour Test of Will for Southeast Asia. She is the resident gymnastics, mobility, and CrossFit coach at PrimalApe CrossFit, and she led us through a simple intro workout that had us squatting, burpeeing, and sit-upping our way to fitness. (And muscle aches the next day. Haha!)

UA Run Crew
Coach Zoe giving very clear instructions about the workout.

Thankfully I already do these exercises as part of my crosstraining routine, so I didn’t die. It was very interesting to be coached by the “fittest woman in the Philippines” though — definitely kept me on my toes!

Next, the Girls Run for Breakfast running group with Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes joined us for Coach Toni’s trademark Four-Minute Workout, which featured plyometric and aerobic moves that left us tongues hanging out.

(I was very glad I had skipped my scheduled workout that day.)

The GRFB group had already completed a run on the treadmills using the Charged Bandit 2 shoe, and were very positive about its potential as a training shoe.

UA Run Crew
UA triathlon ambassador Doray Ellis making high-knees look easy

UA Run Crew
I wanted a photo with Toni and Zoe in our Under Armour gear

UA Run Crew
sweaty selfie (swelfie?) with UA affiliate trainer Kat Geronimo-Garcia of MamaKat Fitness

All this exercise had its reward as Under Armour gave us all our own pairs of the Charged Bandit 2. I’ve already started using it in the gym for short runs on the treadmill as well as crosstraining. Full review to come soon.

It’s so nice to see all the different sports brands put a spotlight on running. The latest entrant is Under Armour with the launch of the UA Run Crew starting October 1. Led by Coach Jim Saret of APEX, the camp will run for 24 sessions and includes free hydration and an Under Armour shirt.

The first UA Run Crew session is a Saturday community run with Under Armour ambassadors Piolo Pascual and coaches Jim and Toni Saret.

Just like the APEX running program that helped Milo Marathoners achieve their running goals, the UA Run Crew with Coach Jim will be a step-by-step guide to help runners progress in ability and technique. In-depth seminars with fitness experts will teach runners the essentials such as dynamic warm-up exercises, injury prevention, and race day nutrition.

UA Run Crew sessions are divided into two types: conditioning, form, and speed training, and paced long runs.

Conditioning, form and speed training will be held from 7:00-8:30pm at the following days and locations.

Mondays and Wednesdays:
BGC – in front of Jamba Juice

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
QC – QC Circle, Planas Garden
MOA – SM BY THE BAY (near Vikings)

Paced long runs will be held on Saturdays from 6:00-8:00am.

BGC – in front of Jamba Juice
MOA – SM BY THE BAY (near Vikings)
QC – UP Diliman

UA Run Crew features monthly shoe trials, during which the first 20 male and female participants at the session will have the opportunity to try the UA Charged Bandit 2 running shoe.

Under Armour will also introduce the UA Record and MapMyRun digital applications that track and monitor the progress of runners. I already use UA Record, which is a sort of like a Facebook for athletes. I hope to see more of my friends on there logging their workouts!

Register for the UA Run Crew at the Under Armour brand houses at Bonifacio Global City and UP Town Center. For more information and to register online, visit

UA Run Crew

Into the Offseason

Now that I’ve finally ticked off all the races I set out to do this year, it’s time for me to head into the offseason. This year more than any other year I am reminded of how important this time is. Let me tell you why.

Into the Offseason
Offseason run = 2.2 km only :P

When we’re training we always talk about incorporating rest or easy sessions so that the body can recover. However, as endurance athletes we find it much easier to keep moving rather than stopping and starting again. This gives rise to the “no offseason” mentality where you have people continuing to do almost the same mileage and intensity of training even after their A race has been completed.

“Oh, I don’t want to get fat.”
“It’s so much harder to get back into training when you’ve stopped for a while.”
“A nice race might pop up so it’s good to keep the fitness going.”

Sounds like you? Well, it was me for the past two years, and it all finally caught up with me resulting in that most dreaded of maladies: OVERTRAINING.

Here’s a timeline.  Continue reading “Into the Offseason”

Challenge Vietnam Race Report

Challenge Vietnam has come and gone, and so much happened that I find hard to express in words glowing enough. So let me say it straight.

CHALLENGE VIETNAM IS A MUST-DO RACE. Whether you’re an individual or relay participant, pro or age grouper, or a supporter along for the ride, Nha Trang is a terrific venue and the organizers Pulse Active put on a great race last Sunday.

I managed to Snapchat my way through race weekend, so I’ve got the videos below to help me tell the story.

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My Travel Hand Carry Essentials

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling this year both for work and for going to races, so I figured it might be interesting to let you into the contents of my hand carry bag. Trust me when I say I’ve already pared these down to the barest essentials, for me at least. These are the things I don’t think I could survive without when I’m far from home.

(Well, I could, but it’d be a challenge!)
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Hot Sos: Solenn Heussaff’s New Fitness Book

While I am interested in fitness, I rarely pick up fitness books unless they’re written by someone I believe has the cachet to speak about getting in shape and getting healthy. So when I saw that Solenn Heussaff had written a fitness book (and it was edited by one of my Endure teammates hehe), I was interested in what she could offer in this space. It turns out, quite a lot.

Hot Sos book launch
Hot Sos
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