Bintan Triathlon 2016

I haven’t raced a triathlon at all this year due to my marathon focus. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return to the Bintan Triathlon, a race I had “slayed” two years ago by placing second in my age group.

Bintan Triathlon 2016
Getting to this finish line was tougher this time around.

Doing a triathlon out of the country is always bound to be an adventure, but I made it harder on myself by scheduling it the week before the Phuket Marathon. I’m the kind of person who wants to give everything I’ve got, but these two races so close together meant that if I wanted to do well in one, the other would have to suffer. Continue reading “Bintan Triathlon 2016”

Using the Oster MyBlend Personal Blender

Oster MyBlend Personal BlenderAfter a long training session, I’m usually a little too frazzled to prepare a proper meal. However, to maximize recovery and prevent muscle wasting, one needs to take in some nourishment within 30 minutes after a workout. This is when a nice shake comes in handy. I enjoy cool drinks on-the-go with Oster MyBlend Personal Blender. Its compact and functional design makes it really easy to whip up a healthy and filling drink just for me, and there’s less mess to clean up because I can use the blender canister as a drink bottle. :)

For a breakfast fruit shake, I always freeze some oranges and sliced pineapple overnight so that I won’t need to put ice into the blender to chill the drink. However, the Oster blade is strong enough to pulverize ice cubes.

Another favorite of mine is a banana-peanut butter-chocolate shake. I just pop a whole banana in, some ice cubes, a tablespoon of peanut butter, some water, then dump Milo over everything and blend. Instant recovery drink!

The best part is I don’t over-indulge because the serving size is good enough for just me.

Check out my Snapchat story below about making a pineapple-orange fruit shake. Continue reading “Using the Oster MyBlend Personal Blender”

Two Races for Powerman Duathlon Philippines

This week I head off to the Bintan Triathlon with Raymund Magdaluyo, one of the guys responsible for bringing Powerman Duathlon to the Philippines. I’m in full support of developing multisport in all its facets in the Philippines, and duathlon is definitely one of the more accessible multisport options out there. (It’s easier to learn to ride a bike than to swim, haha!)

Based on last year’s successful first event, this year there are two races in the series — and there’s plenty of time to get ready because they’re happening in November and December in more accessible venues.

Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas

The Anytime Fitness Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas Asian Invitational will be held on November 20 at the SM Mall of Asia. This will consist of the Powerman Short distance of 5km run-30km bike-5km run. Anytime Fitness is also running a Power Training program to help people prepare for the races with Power Camps and Power Clinics featuring guest coaches and mentors.

Then the Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas World Series will be held on December 3 and 4 at the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. This will feature a Powerman Short, the Powerman Classic distance (10km run-60km bike-10km run), Powerkids for ages 6-16, and Powerteens. Clark Freeport is the ideal venue to host the target 3,000 participants and their families.

(Please note: all Powerman events are non-drafting!)

Just like the Bataan International Triathlon, part of the proceeds from Powerman will go toward buying bicycles and other gear for the Batang Tri grassroots program that supports young individuals without the financial means to enter the world of multisport. Batang Tri is also supported by Blackbeard’s Seafood Island and is currently headed by Coach Jojo Macalintal, Coach Ivan Leopando, and Coach Melvin Fausto.

Register now at for early bird rates, or check out Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas on Facebook and @powermanph on Instagram for information and updates.

Dispatch #20: The Taper

So it’s now two weeks before the Phuket Marathon. Last Friday I ran 32 kilometers, which acted as a dress rehearsal for what I plan to wear. Turns out tights have nothing on tri shorts when it comes to chafing prevention as well as heat management. So, even if it’s dorky to wear tri gear to a marathon, that’s what’s going to happen, fashion be damned!

Dispatch #20: The Taper
I don’t have a thigh gap, so shorts will chafe!

Now that the heavy mileage is done, my focus is on recovery so that by marathon date I’ll be raring to go! I wrote a blog post a few years ago about the taper as a way to keep myself sane during these weeks of less training. Here are some of my favorite parts from The Art and Science of the Taper:

The Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training says that research has shown reducing mileage volume and intensity can improve time on race day. Dropping mileage three weeks before goal race by keeping easy runs and intervals but limiting hard efforts like tempo runs improves runners’ performance by three percent. VO2 max is maintained, but fast-twitch fibers got bigger, stronger, and more powerful. Even better, their cardiovascular system and muscle capacity rebounded. So you don’t lose any fitness during those weeks of decreased mileage. In fact, you become even fitter.

What should I expect and what should I do during the taper?

  • I’ll feel awful initially. Rest up.
  • I’ll worry I haven’t done enough. Get a reality check.
  • I may gain weight. Fuel appropriately.
  • My confidence may flag. Visualize success.

Tapering doesn’t mean avoiding all exercise — in fact, doing nothing is the best way to make yourself feel flat on race day. I will be continuing my swim and bike sessions, which I have been enjoying as a respite from all that running. I also crosstrain to help with core strength and lateral stability, which in the end helps me run with better form for longer.

Dispatch #20: The Taper
Who would have thought I’d develop some affinity for swimming?

Dispatch #20: The Taper
The medicine ball has been one of my best friends lately.

With the extra time I’ve found at my disposal from reducing training load, I’ve also been able to rouse myself to do things other than train. Last week I tapped my artsy side at Sip & Gogh Studio in Kapitolyo during the launch of Sufree Stevia Sweetener. While I had worked with pastels back in high school and am kind of handy with a pencil, I’d never painted on canvas before. It was a nice break from routine and allowed me to take my mind off the task that is ahead.

Dispatch #20: The Taper
Follow my adventures on Snapchat! Username: kikayrunner

When it comes to major races like these there’s always the unknown that causes anxiety — it’s the future, that’s why it’s unknown! But having done even longer endurance events in the past, there’s no longer any fear about not being able to go the distance. It’ll be interesting to see how my body will feel during an open marathon versus an ironman, and how deep my reserves of determination can go. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks. :)

Nike Women’s Half Marathon

I’m no stranger to racing in an all-women field, but last Sunday was a shock as 4,000 women lined up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. While there was the odd man acting as supporter on the day, women clad in the orange Nike official race singlet were all I could see. In fact, it took a bit of effort calling each other for my buddy Monika and I to find each other pre-race.

Dispatch 19

Parking and bag check-in were a bit of a riot, but once that was done with and we got into the start chute, the race experience was par excellence. Continue reading “Nike Women’s Half Marathon”

Dispatch #19: Closer to D-Day

There comes a point in every endurance athlete’s training cycle when the days melt into weeks and months, and it’s a brutal shock when you realize you’re dangerously close to D-Day and still feel underprepared.

Dispatch 19
long runs in the sun

Today marks three weeks until the Phuket Marathon. Next week, I set off for Singapore to do the Bintan Triathlon as an unconventional part of my marathon taper, and to have some fun with my tri friends.

Dispatch 19
rode out in Nuvali last Saturday as part of tri prep

My biggest concern really isn’t about hitting all the milestone mileage points in my training plan. It’s more about wardrobe. Continue reading “Dispatch #19: Closer to D-Day”

Team Philippines Leads Under Armour Test of Will

Last month under a scorching hot sun and in stifling humidity, four Filipinos proved themselves fit and ready to move into the finals of the Under Armour Test of Will Southeast Asia.

The top two men and women who participated in the Philippine heats are set to fly to Singapore for the finals on May 28 at Gardens by the Bay. Hats off to Noelle Wenceslao, Zoe Pond-McPherson, Derrick Mercado, and Merwin Torres.

Under Armour Test of Will 2016

Not only did they qualify at the Test of Will Manila heats, but they also were the ones who lifted, squatted, pulled-up, and pushed-up the most number of times in the span of five minutes to score the highest among all the finalists in Southeast Asia.  Continue reading “Team Philippines Leads Under Armour Test of Will”