PACE Prehab and Recovery Opens in BGC

It’s not everyday that a world-class sports medicine clinic opens up in Manila. PACE Prehab and Recovery officially opened its doors to media, athletes, and the public on January 18. I was there to check out its offerings.

PACE Prehab & Recovery

In late 2014 I wrote about the Run Safe 101 Seminar conducted by New York-based sports medicine physiotherapist Francis Diano. Little did I know that eventually Francis would move his practice to the Philippines and its emerging and fast-growing sports market! Continue reading “PACE Prehab and Recovery Opens in BGC”

Finding the Time to Exercise

People can be very good at coming up with reasons not to do something; the most popular excuse for failing to exercise is: “I’m too busy”.

But we all get the same number of hours in a day. How we use those 24 hours is a matter of knowing what we value most, and that’s what we spend our time doing. Finding the time to exercise starts with making exercise a priority.

Nike Tights Night

If we start with the premise that being healthy is important, then it follows that we have to spend time doing things that keep us healthy: sleeping enough, eating properly, and getting enough exercise. In the same way that parents make time to help children with their homework, employees make time to attend meetings with their bosses, and couples make time for each other, you need to make time to exercise. Continue reading “Finding the Time to Exercise”

Dispatch #3: Build-Up to What?

This is one of my favorite times of the year for training and racing. Metro Manila temperature hovers around a low of 25 degrees Celsius and a high of 30 degrees Celsius, so exercising outdoors feels almost like you’ve got a giant air conditioner pointed at you.

It probably explains why I was able to achieve 100% of my planned training hours. Although I still need to get up early to run (and beat the traffic rush hour), I can delay swimming until the afternoon and still enjoy a nice cool pool.

Dispatch #3: Fully Loaded
Pool temperature is perfect :)

Of course, this cool weather won’t last and I will still need to train through a hot Manila summer. My project for the year is increased run mileage and improved run splits. Since I now have a great appreciation for the structured run sets I can only do on a treadmill, you’ll see me do at least a few of my sessions indoors.

Dispatch #3: Fully Loaded
Recovering on the flats after 5 minutes at 3% incline.

Last week I attended the launch of PACE Prehab and Recovery Center. Continue reading “Dispatch #3: Build-Up to What?”

Kikay Reviews: Nike Power Speed Running Tights

When it comes to racing marathons, running tights are my go-to apparel, and because I’m racing a marathon again this year I’ve been looking at what’s available on the market.

That’s right, I’m running a marathon again for the first time since 2010. Sure, there’s a marathon at the end of an ironman but I found that running it felt completely different from running my last open marathon at the 34th Milo Marathon finals. The difference was between just surviving (in the ironman) versus actually getting the best run out of myself (in an open marathon).

Anyone who’s done long-distance running knows that there’s chafing involved. I can’t seem to run longer than 21K wearing shorts without ending up with some nasty friction burns on my inner thigh, so I’ve always worn tights to avoid that issue.

Nike Tights Night
on the road to 42K

I seem to be gravitating towards those brands that helped me get through my previous marathons. Back in December I picked up a pair of New Balance 860 running shoes (review coming soon), and I had been looking at Nike’s running tights offerings. So it was a happy coincidence to be invited to the Nike Tight Night last Thursday where they debuted the Power Speed Tights for running and the Zoned Sculpt Tights for training. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Nike Power Speed Running Tights”

Kikay Reviews: Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau

Late last year I made a change to how I ate, starting with giving up daily consumption of junk food and processed food. I had an opportunity to try Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau, a meal delivery service.

Gourmade is a solo venture by Chef Rob, a seasoned chef with 10 years of experience in international cooking from Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Wynn Hotel Macau, and Wynn Encore. A graduate of International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, Chef Rob is famous for his fine dining Western and Asia cuisine.

The available meal plans are Skinny Down and Pescatarian.

Skinny Down caters to those who desire to lose weight by eating portion-controlled meals without depriving themselves of the whole shebang. It promises healthy, fun, and tasty meals while attaining your fitness goal.

Pescatarian offers diet meals for those who prefer fish and vegetables.

Since I was trying to lose weight, I picked to go on the Skinny Down menu for approximately two weeks (no deliveries on Sundays). I would receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks daily and by the end of my two weeks I would have dropped some pounds and hopefully developed a taste for healthier things.

Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau
Macanese minced beef with egg & brown rice, crispy fish w/ wasabi cream sauce, and chicken satay wrap

Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau”

Run for Life: A Love Run on February 14

I think I’ve decided on my first race of the year — the Run for Life: A Love Run on February 14, 2016 to be held in Bonifacio Global City.

Run for Life: A Love Run on February 14, 2016

I love the little races for a cause. The atmosphere isn’t overwhelming and bombastic like most major races, and you know you’re contributing to something good.

The Run for Life is organized by ENGLICOM, one of De La Salle University’s oldest organizations and one of the biggest student organizations in DLSU.

Run for Life aims to promote fitness while celebrating the gift of life. The event is inspired by love giving life. The proceeds of the run will be used to finance the Little Stars Day Care Center.

(You know me, I love education and kids!)

Choose from 3K, 5K, or 10K distances priced at P550, P650, and P750 respectively. Register online here at PEP Squad Events — race kits will be delivered door-to-door. DLSU students also have a pre-registration link here; payment and kit claiming will be done on-campus until end of January.

I think by then I’ll be fit enough to run a speedy 10K (depending on route, of course!). So, I hope to see you on February 14 at the Run for Life ;)

Race: Run for Life
Date: February 14, 2016
Venue: Bonifacio Global City
Reg Fee: P550 (3K); P650 (5K); P750 (10K)
Registration Sites: DLSU Campus (pre-registration link here)
Online Registration: Pep Squad Events