Christmas Contest Time with iFlix!

Hi everyone. Thanks for dropping by the blog on Christmas Eve! As promised, I’m giving away a free three-month subscription to iFlix as a Christmas gift to one (1) lucky blog reader.

iFlix is my streaming content provider of choice and it has accompanied me through many hours of sitting on my bike trainer and amusing myself while resting. I have caught up with the past season of favorite TV show The Flash (of course!), watched the crossover episodes with Arrow, binge-watched entire seasons of Sherlock, Person of Interest, and Elementary and am slowly making my way through Orphan Black. And those are just the TV shows; iFlix also has a massive library of movies ranging from blockbuster action films like the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe to romcoms, animated children’s flicks, and foreign-language films.

After the one-month free trial I signed up for, I was so happy with iFlix that I paid for a whole year’s subscription to the service. And now you can find out what iFlix has for you by joining this blog contest!

iFlix care package
(photo does not depict the prize up for grabs)

Contest Mechanics

  1. Like the Kikay Runner Facebook page.
  2. Leave a comment here on how you would use your iFlix subscription and what you would watch.
  3. Contest runs from December 24 to 26.
  4. I will select my favorite answer as the winner. I will contact the winner via private Facebook message to give him/her the promo subscription code.
  5. Contest is open to Philippine residents only.

And don’t worry if you don’t win: iFlix has a free one-month trial you can sign up for! Read more about iFlix here.

All I Want for Christmas

The 13th month bonuses are in, the malls and shops are on sale, and you’ve got loved ones you need to buy Christmas presents for — that includes yourself as well. *wink*

I could buy myself a new pair of Asics shoes, which would give me free entry to the Condura Skyway Marathon (any distance). I have been exploring different shoe and apparel brands lately and have friends who love the Gel DS Trainer, Gel DS Racer, and Gel Hyperspeed. I’m planning on doing my first open marathon in six years at the Laguna Phuket Marathon in June. My last marathon in 2010 was in a pair of New Balance 1225’s, which have been discontinued. I need a shoe that can give me a comfortable ride during long runs, but is still light enough to race fast in.

And then there’s my bike. After winning my age group in last February’s National Age Group Triathlon Subic, I qualified for the Philippine National Games finals which will be held on February 21, 2016. The finalists will race in the same category as the elite national athletes, which means following ITU rules. The elite race is draft-legal on the bike and disallows the tri cockpit currently on my Ceepo bike. I’m going to need to replace that with drop bars and STI levers at the very least, or go for a new road bike. I wonder, could I get the new Ceepo Mamba model with its sweet new paintjob?

I also want to sign up for just one half distance triathlon next year. Challenge Family has just announced two sweet new races in Southeast Asia: Challenge Kanchanaburi Thailand and Challenge Vietnam. I’m leaning towards the race in Nha Trang, Vietnam at this point because I want to visit a new country next year. Also, the race course looks quite fast and flat and I’d love to break my half-ironman personal record.

But I don’t really need these purchases, and if I had to do without them I would. It is a privilege and a luxury to have the excess calories to burn, water to sweat, and hours to spend swimming, biking, running; I am made aware of that every time I get out onto our roads. Running is already a gift in itself.

What I want to have more of is time to spend with my loved ones — but we can’t buy time. We have to make time. As the exercise-obsessed athletes we are, we devote huge blocks of our available hours to training as we prepare for the next race. That’s why this time of year you should be more flexible in your workout sessions, especially when it means you get to spend more time with family who are home for the holidays, or hang out with friends who miss you. You can always regain your fitness. You can’t regain the time you lose being away from those you love.

All I want for Christmas is to sit down with my young nephew and read Run, Dad, Run to him and maybe influence him to become a runner. ;) All I want for Christmas is to gather around a dining table with my huge extended family and eat and laugh and eat some more. All I want for Christmas is to remember that it’s not about the material presents we all receive; it’s about that most important gift of our redemption through Christ and the kind of life I need to live because of it.

Merry Christmas!


What to Do in the Offseason

Now that we are well and truly in the offseason (with some Christmas parties and family get-togethers thrown into the mix), many athletes see it as a time to indulge in what we have routinely denied themselves during race season: sleeping in, rich food and drink, and socializing with family and friends. But more often than not, the loss of routine and purpose after the big race wreaks havoc on our fitness, physique, and psyche.

Maybe we should change the way we look at the offseason. Instead of thinking of it as a very, very long vacation from training, we should look at the offseason as a bridge between what we’ve accomplished and what our future goals are. What we do in the offseason is determined by the previous season and should lay the groundwork for the next season.

Atleta Ako Aquathlon
What you do in the offseason determines how you perform during the season.

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Kikay Reviews: Saddle Row Indoor Cycling

With the traffic in Metro Manila steadily worsening, it’s become a nightmare for city-based triathletes to drive to their favored cycling stomping grounds. Forget about riding out from your front door, unless you have a death wish. My solution has been to do indoor cycling workouts during the weekdays and only venture onto the open roads in Nuvali on weekends.

In response to this problem, a number of cycling studios have opened across the city. Saddle Row is one of the latest to open and they’ve put their own spin on, well, spinning!

Saddle Row Indoor Cycling and Rowing Studio

Saddle Row has three different kinds of cycling classes. Programmed by Philippine National Cycling Team coach Chris Allison, each class type caters to a specific need. Continue reading “Kikay Reviews: Saddle Row Indoor Cycling”

On a High at McHappy Day Stripes Run

Every year I hear about the McHappy Day Fun Run organized by the Ronald McDonald House Charities Philippines, but I’ve usually gone into offseason at that point and lost interest in racing for the year. This was the first year I got the opportunity to run.

McHappy Day Stripes Run 2015

This year’s McHappy Day Stripes Run cause was children’s literacy, which is close to my heart. As a child I lived for my books and had a rich inner life and active imagination as a result, something I carry with me to this day. Every child should be so blessed to learn to read, and the fun run aims to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charity program “Read to Learn”. <3 Continue reading “On a High at McHappy Day Stripes Run”

Podcast #10: Daniela Ryf, Ironman World Champion

While I was in Phuket two weeks ago I got a remarkable opportunity to interview the current Ironman European Champion, Ironman 70.3 World Champion, and Ironman World Champion: the one and only Daniela Ryf.


Also on iTunes.

She was staying at a sports resort in the build-up to her last race of the year, which is happening this weekend. The Ironman 70.3 Middle East Championship Bahrain is not only a regional championship, but it also serves as the last of the three races comprising the Nasser Bin Hamad Triple Crown. The person who wins all the races in the series would be awarded a special bonus of $1 MILLION, and only Daniela has been able to win the two previous races at Challenge Dubai and the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

With Daniela Ryf, Ironman World Champion
Fangirl mode, ON!

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