The Tri Temple: Your Integrated Multisport Hub

Last Sunday I was invited to the official launch of The Tri Temple. I’ve been following the developments leading to the opening of this new multisport shop because I’m acquainted with the five triathletes who set it up. (It’s a small tri community, of course. Everyone’s friends.) I knew it would have an endless pool. I knew it would have a cycling studio. I knew which brands would have a presence in the store. But of course I wanted to get all the details straight from them.

While there are now many excellent cycling and running shops in my usual haunts in Metro Manila and Laguna, the five founders wanted something more. They wanted an integrated multisport hub where you could not only shop, but also train and build yourself into a better triathlete.

The Tri Temple launch
The Tri Temple

Raoul Floresca welcomed me to the party and revealed one detail about The Tri Temple I hadn’t managed to suss out through my stalking research. He said, “I wouldn’t have pushed through with opening the store if I couldn’t have the Swim Lab and Power Lab as well.”

The Swim Lab is an endless pool with jets on one end to create a current you swim against. You can use it as a tool for analyzing and correcting swim strokes to become more efficient and powerful in the water.

The Tri Temple launch
the Swim Lab for stroke analysis & correction

The Tri Temple launch
endless pool with mirror on bottom for self-correction

The Tri Temple launch
GoPro Session cameras at varying angles wirelessly connected to tablets

The Power Lab is a cycling studio equipped with bike trainers with built-in power meters so you can complete an indoor cycling workout while training within your prescribed power zones. It is a licensed Sufferfest studio, so you can just push play on their library of videos and get a good workout in. This is especially useful for triathletes who don’t have the time to go cycling outdoors during the work week.

The Tri Temple launch The Tri Temple launch
the Power Lab for power-based indoor cycling training

The Tri Temple launch
Kinetic Road Machine trainers w/ built-in power meters

(There’s a unisex shower room and toilet so you can freshen up after your workout.)

Triathlon coach Don Velasco will also run on-site lactate testing for swim, bike, and run so you can even more accurately know your training zones. Often we train either too hard or too easy; knowing your zones means you can train in the appropriate zones, efficiently and effectively improving your fitness and race-day performance.

These are what set The Tri Temple apart in the multisport retail landscape. They are services that haven’t been offered all in one place until now.

Of course, retail therapy is also important, which is why The Tri Temple carries what they consider the best possible options for their customers’ needs. Top global brands as well as local brands are represented here.

The Tri Temple launch
a multibrand store for the multisport athlete

The Tri Temple launch
Avex bottles, Salice sport sunglasses

The Tri Temple launch
Brooks apparel, Tannus solid tires

The Tri Temple launch
cycling and swimming accessories

The Tri Temple launchThe Tri Temple launch
running and racing apparel

The Tri Temple launch

The Tri Temple launch
major high-end bike brands

While at the event I started some Christmas shopping and bought some Vamos socks. I also picked up some Nuun tablets to dissolve into my water bottle for my last race of the season, the Bataan International Triathlon. (I just remembered I forgot to get some Bonk Breaker bars for the race!)

The Tri Temple is located at: 2135 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Warehouse 3 Pio del Pilar, Makati City, Philippines. For more information, visit The Tri Temple Facebook page and follow @thetritemple on Instagram.

The Tri Temple launch
The Tri Temple is open!

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