Podcast #9: Running Pastor Ferdie Cabiling

It’s been a long time between podcasts! I’ve given up on trying to host a solo show because as a podcast listener I get very bored with only one person talking.

Interviews, however, always have me interested because they just feel more natural and are easier to listen to. So whenever I have the chance to interview someone interesting and doing great things in the world of endurance sport, I pounce on that chance.


This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Pastor Ferdie Cabiling, also known as the Running Pastor in local ultrarunning circles. He is turning 50 years old and will soon be making his dream come to reality when he runs across the Philippines from south to north. Dubbed “Run50”, his target is to run 50 kilometers every day (except Sundays) for 50 days starting September 5 for a grand total of 2,180 kilometers.


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With a fundraising goal of P1,000 per kilometer, he is running for the benefit of Real Life Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization that helps give marginalized Filipino youth access to education and transform their communities through community service. You can read more about Real Life Foundation here: igivetolife.org

The Running Pastor
Pastor Ferdie (in red) and his pacer during the 2013 Bataan Death March Ultramarathon 160

I’ve never covered ultramarathon and ultra-distance adventure racing at great length in this blog, but that’s just because I feel out of my depth when talking about the people who undertake these feats. They are a different breed; they wholeheartedly seek out the distances that would have someone like me running away.

In this podcast we discuss how Pastor Ferdie got started running, why he started doing ultramarathons, and ultimately why he runs. Continue reading “Podcast #9: Running Pastor Ferdie Cabiling”

Sweating in Style: Clothing for Active Lifestyles

The ancient Greeks had it easy when it came to what to wear when breaking a sweat. Competing in those first Olympic Games, all they had to do was strip down to, well, nothing. Fast forward to the 21st Century and you have myriad materials and designs from which to choose, depending on the activity and time of year.

What to wear is no longer just about putting on any shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. Sports and active wear design has become a rat race of real technological advances as well as marketing hoopla. Some claim to help keep you cool, some claim to boost performance, and some just bank on their style factor to keep you interested in the latest to roll off the factory line.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll never have to go naked again.

Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Subic
You have more choices than just wearing your underpants. *wink*

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Compressport Supersprint Team Relay

Team Endure has been scattered at the races this year because there have been so many new races to choose from! I love that the triathlon scene is growing and that there’s more choice, but I do miss the days when there were a lot of us from the team at the same event.

At last Sunday’s Compressport Tri Club Challenge Supersprint Team Relay (whew! what a mouthful), we had a chance to come together again as a big group. This time, we weren’t racing as individuals. Although we would still each swim 400 meters, bike 10 kilometers, and run 2.5 kilometers, our team would be ranked on our aggregate times. Each team was allotted only 4 hours for all its members to finish the race. This added a new dimension of challenge and intensity I’ve never felt before.

Compressport TriClub Challenge
Team Endure

There were eight of us competing, which allowed us to create two mixed relay teams. Continue reading “Compressport Supersprint Team Relay”

What Do You Do With Your Finisher Gear?

Do you still remember the rush of finishing your first race? I do. It was the Globe Run for Home in 2009 and I had just done my first ever 10-kilometer run outdoors. I crossed the line and was handed a finisher certificate, which was soon wrinkled, dripping with my sweat, and promptly lost in my bag. All I had as souvenirs from that race were the bib number, race singlet, and the selfies I took.

Fast-forward six years later and I have raced so much I’ve lost count of the bibs, singlets, and finisher medals and shirts I’ve received. With every clean-up of my wardrobe I’ve given away a few singlets and finisher shirts, keeping only those that have plenty of significance for me. But what else can you do with these trinkets other than keep them inside your cabinets and shelves? What then makes them different from just clutter and junk?

One enterprising runner contacted me many months ago to tell me about the laser-cut medal hangers he designs. Fit Feet’s Feats by Joric Gonzales is only one of a number of suppliers in the country who have come up with novel ways to keep and display medals.

I asked for a custom design, and this is what I received by express mail just two weeks later:

Custom Medal Hanger by Fit Feet's Feats
Kikay Runner (of course)

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