Kikay Reviews: Garmin Forerunner 920XT

I promised myself I wouldn’t write up a review on the Garmin Forerunner 920XT until I had at least used it in an actual triathlon. As the new Holy Grail gadget for triathletes, the 920XT has been hotly sought-after in my circles. After two seasons using a GPS watch from a competitor, I thought it was high time to get back to my roots. After all, my first ever GPS watch was a Garmin (but a Forerunner 305, for running and cycling only).

Garmin Forerunner 920xt
the 920XT after a morning’s run with my Wave Hitogami shoes and Flipbelt

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National Age Group Triathlon Subic

My first open-water triathlon was at the National Age Group Triathlon in Subic in 2011. I competed over the minisprint distance having no open-water experience whatsoever, panicked and backstroked to finish the swim, then recovered enough to overtake others on the bike (wearing running shoes!) except for the eventual first-placer, who I ran out of kilometers to overtake on the run.

So it always felt like a homecoming of sorts to do the National Age Group Triathlon Subic last Sunday. Open water holds far less anxiety for me now, I think I’ve become a better cyclist, and my run has become a better tool to take me home safely. It was nice to see how much I’d grown as a triathlete, and also how much the sport has grown since 2011.

NAGT Subic
Subic, here we come!

Granted, nobody at this race was at peak condition (except maybe for the elite triathletes like Monica Torres, who showed up in old school swim gear but still whipped everyone). It’s a season-starter great for newbies and those who want to knock the rust off after an indulgent off-season. For me, it was also a dress rehearsal of sorts for Challenge Philippines.Β  Continue reading “National Age Group Triathlon Subic”

Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon on March 22

I have always advocated that more women get into a fit and active lifestyle, and what better way to get your feet wet than at an aquathlon!

The Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon to be held on March 22, 2015 at the Philsports Complex (formerly ULTRA) is an all-women’s race designed to bring women of different ages and backgrounds together to empower them and celebrate a more active lifestyle. And it’ll be held during Women’s Month, too. ;)

Come join me; there’s something for every woman!

Atleta Ako Women's Aquathlon on March 22
Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon on March 22

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Expect Great Things

Today marks five years to the day I first started Kikay Runner, the blog! What started out as a way to keep me honest and motivated through my first marathon has grown into something I never expected. I never knew that my story would engage so many of you and act as inspiration for your own adventures in running and eventually multisport.

Dawn of a New Day
Kikay Runner in 2015

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Takbo.PH 20-Miler: Every Mile Counts

For many runners yesterday, the Takbo.PH 20-Miler was a peak run leading into their next marathon.

Takbo.PH 20-Miler
20 Miles = 32 Kilometers. Perfect last long run for a marathon.

For me, it was a wake-up call. I’ve taken on some new projects lately, and sadly my running — specifically my strength and speed sessions — had fallen by the wayside. I thought I could rely on the aerobic conditioning brought on my by bike and swim.

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The Power of Positive Self-Talk

I rode the Challenge Philippines hills again last Saturday. It just never gets easier! What’s worse is we had a pro, Michael Murphy, riding with us, so I got left behind much faster this time around than in previous recon rides.

Not to make excuses for my performance as well, but I had just come off a bit of food restriction, so I was running on an empty tank most of the ride (propped up by Snickers, Pocari Sweat, and some Coca-cola by the end). And because we had several support vehicles following us on the course, it was very tempting to call it a day early as we headed back. I even started rationalizing quitting before I caught myself.

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Wish List: Challenge Taiwan

I want to do Challenge Taiwan half.

I think it’s become a tradition for me to set down in writing at least one thing I would like to do, whether it’s this year or in a few years’ time. I once wrote about the Osaka Marathon, and last year I wrote about training at T***. One is very near to becoming reality, while the other was fulfilled last year and may even become a recurring thing!

Challenge Taiwan
Challenge Taiwan 2015 is on April 25

(Disclaimer: I’ve promised myself I won’t do another ironman-distance race unless either Challenge or Ironman finally put one up in the Philippines. Organizers, what do you say?)

So yes, I’ve had my eye on Challenge Taiwan for a while. Up until last year it hosted both a half and a full distance triathlon on the same weekend, and was the first Challenge Family event in Asia. Reading about Challenge Taiwan on Coach Ani’s blog gave me a first glimpse into what a Challenge Family event would be like. Now that I’ve done a few, I can say I love the warm, welcoming experience Challenge offers, and I’d love to do more of their races!

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