SuBIT 2014 Wrap-Up

That’s another great triathlon weekend done and dusted. What I love about the Subic Bay International Triathlon is how all the local tri teams come out and have a presence there, despite all the other newer triathlons springing up all over the country. SuBIT really is an institution — despite (especially?) its signature heat and humidity at this time of year.

SuBIT 2014
It’s always hot at SuBIT (photo from Vantage Point Photography)

Before I go any further with my race report, here are the race results!

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SuBIT 2014 Reminders and Tips

Only a few more days until SuBIT 2014! Will you be there?

Subic Bay International Triathlon on April 26-27, 2014
Subic Bay International Triathlon

Two weeks ago I bumped into someone who told me she was doing her first triathlon in SuBIT, the age group sprint distance happening on Saturday. I’m racing the standard distance on Sunday but I will be watching and cheering on the Saturday sprint racers, too. It’s a great way to get into triathlon, particularly because SuBIT is an international race so you share the same course as the elites from different countries.

Because the sprint races start and finish at the New Container Terminal, it’ll be easy to watch the swim, the bike out and in, and the finish. If you’re in Subic early on Saturday morning or if you’ll be there from Friday night onwards, I highly encourage catching the Saturday races. The teen mini-sprint and elite junior sprint are hotly contested and truly inspiring because these are the future of triathlon in the Philippines and Asia. (Plus, these kids are so fast they make me feel like a snail!) Also don’t miss the paratriathlon if you really want to see grit, determination, and guts. :)

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The Long Ride

I thought training for a half-ironman was tough… But going for the full iron distance takes it to a different level altogether. Considering I confirmed my slot at Challenge Roth quite late, I’ve been playing catch-up scrambling for all the extra mileage I can.

A full ironman is a 3.8-kilometer swim followed by a 180-kilometer bike ride and ends with a marathon. I’ve done a marathon, so I know what one feels like physically and mentally — but to do one after a long, long day swimming and biking is something else! The other distances are foreign to me as well, so during Holy Week I set out to increase my swim and bike mileage just to see what it feels like.

On Wednesday I didn’t quite hit 3.8 kilometers, but 3.2 kilometers was plenty especially in a 25-meter pool! (That’s 128 lengths. I was an aquatic hamster!)

On Maundy Thursday I hit Nuvali for a planned 100 kilometers, but cut out after 80 because I wasn’t feeling it. No, this would not do at all. After consulting with Joel on what he did to prepare for his planned ironman at Bohol 226 last year, I made a decision: Saturday would be the day I would complete 180 kilometers on the bike. I didn’t care how long it would take me, but I would finish it.

180-kilometer Bike Ride
my Mako, trusty companion on my long solo rides

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Challenge Philippines Contest Winners

The day is here when we all find out who’s coming with me to Challenge Philippines 2015! Thank you all for participating in the contest. I used RandomPicker to choose the winners (one male, one female) to ensure impartiality of results.


As part of the mechanics I asked participants to post on my Facebook Page wall answering the question, “Why do I want to join Challenge Philippines?” There’s actually no right or wrong answer, but they were all nonetheless entertaining and inspiring. Here are some of my favorite responses:
Enrique Lorenzo San Agustin wrote: “I want to join the best half ironman race to date… I race all year and Challenge Philippines is indeed the toughest and most fulfilling accomplishment yet.”

Miko Sabado wrote: “Why do I want to join Challenge Philippines 2015?” “To serve as a model for others, show what is truly possible in life and to rak en rol.”

Matthew Velmonte wrote: “Why do I want to join Challenge Philippines? To embrace the suck! Macca style.”

Tim Ford wrote: “I want to race Challenge Phillipines because I love Challenge events. I love riding and the challenging course sounds incredible. And I want to crush Noelle De Guzman.”

Oh, Tim. You know you can crush me in all three disciplines. ;)

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Can Running Make Your Life Shorter?

Yesterday someone gave me a heads-up on a News 5 story that aired on Saturday. In this clip, reporter (and head of TV5’s news and public affairs) Luchi Cruz-Valdes reveals the shocker that couch potatoes and high-mileage runners had shorter life expectancies than those who ran moderately. OK guys, time to throw away my running shoes!

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CONTEST: Join Me at Challenge Philippines 2015!

The moment I crossed the finish line at Challenge Philippines, I asked myself whether I wanted to do it all again: that swim against two currents, the hilly bike course that left even the pros cussing, the unexpectedly gruelling run. At the finish line, the answer was “Ask me in a week.”

Challenge Philippines on 21 February 2015
Challenge Philippines on 21 February 2015

Triathletes have a short memory, it seems — yes we remember that we had a tough time, but we quickly forget how physically demanding races are and the depth of the pain. Well we forget it just in time to register, which is what I did this morning.

registration complete
Here we go again!

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A Scar is a Badge of Honor

I learned to ride a bicycle when I was about six years old, much to my mom’s concern. She was always scared I might crash, wound my legs, and end any potential career as a model. (I’m kidding about the modeling thing, of course.) So I would always ride beach cruiser-type bikes, which were low and I could quite easily put my foot on the ground if I started to fall over. I was only allowed to ride to the end of our street until I was 9 years old, when I was finally allowed to go explore the rest of the neighborhood on two wheels.

Well, my modeling career never really took off. ;) I’m also one of the more clumsy people I know and I’ve racked up my fair share of scars even without riding a bike. I once tripped during a race (the first Takbo.PH Runfest), got it bandaged up, and strutted on the stage during a post-race contest. Runfest 2010
May I direct your attention to the bandage on my knee?

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