Energizer Night Race Manila

Hi runners! I didn’t race this last weekend because I was at Pico de Loro leading beauty queens in a dance class. (I’ll try to get you photos from that soon. Hehe.) So I gave my complimentary kit to the Energizer Night Race to one of my good friends, Bea.

Energizer Night Race Manila
Energizer Night Race Manila

Night races are usually marketed to newer runners who find it inconvenient to wake up early for a race. I hoped that the Energizer Night Race would provide them a great entry into the sport. Bea’s an avid runner whose husband Mark Hernandez is an ultramarathoner and triathlete. Here’s what she had to say about the race:

Here you go Noelle. Thanks again for offering the free kit. :)

Apologies for the time under your name. I walked the last 2k because I was masungit na. :(
When I join a 10K fun run I usually finish at 1:18 at the very latest…

Time of gunstart: 7:30pm – reasonable. It was cool enough to start an evening run.

Route: it was well hidden behind MC Home Depot, ISM etc. (all the roads at the left of 32nd street). While traffic management was excellent, race route was VERY VERY VERY confusing. It had a lot of lefts, rights, u-turns and at one point we had to run over or cross a large island. A LOT of runners got lost! So it’s either you did way under 10K or much more. A lot of runners were cursing marshals because even the marshals did not know what the route was and we were being pointed toward different directions.

Hydration: the distance between stations was quite close (plus you pass a certain station 2 or 3 times given the way the route was set) BUT the stations were not ready for the needs of the runners. For most of the stops we had to wait in line for small cups of cold water. At one station they were giving out small bottled water that was warm (straight from the box of the brand).

The few cool things about the race: the black singlets were designed with neon colored gels (design your own). Love also the black cap and the head lamp. There was also this makeshift tunnel with black light that was super cool to pass through! :)

I did not bother to look for a giveaway/loot bag anymore.

Thanks for the race report, Bea. I’m sorry it wasn’t a better race experience; even though I’m not one of the organizers, I still feel kind of responsible because the race kit came from me. Hopefully the organizers can learn something from what you have to say so they can do better in the future.

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