Caption This! (May 2013)

SuBIT 2013

I recently changed my profile photo, and my friend Jixee suggested I should run a caption contest on it. It’s a Friday and I feel like having some fun, so have at it, folks! Funniest caption gets… a surprise. ;)

SuBIT 2013


UPDATE: Congratulations to Ryan for making me laugh out loud with his caption, “TEN KIKAY PINKIE FINGERS!” As a reward, I’m sending you some swag from MOVE Fitness Lifestyle Store.

Thank you everyone for participating! ‘Til next month. ;)

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28 thoughts on “Caption This! (May 2013)

  1. I might as well try. :)
    Caption: ‘Hey photographers! you can shoot me now! Nooooo! not with a water gun!’

  2. “M-my photochromic lenses… th-they stopped working! My eyes… th-they cannot see!” [Next sequence would reveal that she bonked her way to the finish line…] ;p

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