Staying Connected with My BlackBerry Z10

Everyday, I’m on the go; my active lifestyle keeps me on my feet, from training sessions to teaching group exercise classes. That’s why I’ve been a BlackBerry devotee since I started using smartphones. I don’t need to sit in front of a laptop to pull up information; I can just browse for it straight from my BlackBerry’s browser. I love how I can manage my emails, social media (Twitter, Facebook) and calls and texts from one device. So even though I’m mostly moving around the city by myself, I’m always just a text, call, email, tweet, or PM away from other runners.

However, all phones have a lifespan; my much-used and well-loved Curve 9360 was on its last legs earlier this month when I received my new BlackBerry Z10 from Globe.

Blackberry Z10
Z10 vs. Curve 9360

The Z10 is the flagship phone from BlackBerry Continue reading “Staying Connected with My BlackBerry Z10”

Road to ASTC Asian Triathlon Championships

Six days to go until SuBIT/ASTC Asian Triathlon Championships! This will be my second Olympic distance triathlon ever, and will be my first triathlon of the year.

Before I go into how I’ve prepared for this, here are some race reminders and announcements:

  • The Age Group Sprint has been moved to April 28 (Sunday) 6am to reduce the number of wave starts on Saturday.
  • Race briefing for Age Group Sprint and Standard Distance will be at Harbor Point Mall at 5pm, April 27. Dinner will be served after the briefing.
  • Bare torso swimming will NOT be allowed.
  • The approach to Dungaree from the Airport will be closed. Pass through the NCT Road, All Hands Beach side.
  • Please check out the course maps for your information.
  • Verify your information on the start list.

Aside from putting in all the swim, bike, and run training, it’s always a good idea to recon the course. Since I’m the only one in Team Endure doing the race, I joined Raymond Racaza of Run.PH and “Kuya” Kim Atienza on their recon yesterday.

Road to SuBIT/ASTC
Our transition area at Dungaree Beach

It’s Raymond’s first standard-distance triathlon (his first tri was the XTERRA Lite offroad triathlon), and this is Kim’s second time around on the SuBIT course. Continue reading “Road to ASTC Asian Triathlon Championships”

Rip The Road 3

My favorite race distance is the 10K, but I’ve never run a race that offered only that distance — until yesterday morning’s Rip The Road 3. I came away with the impression that if you want to take your 10K to the next level, there’s no better race to train for than Rip The Road.

Rip The Road 3
Rip The Road (photo from Manghusi Photoshop)

Many thanks to Raymond Racaza of Run.PH for my complimentary race kit. Rip The Road 3 was the first time Run.PH’s proprietary online registration system was used, and the race served as a sort of launch for the website, too.

Let me tell you why the 10K is my favorite distance. Continue reading “Rip The Road 3”

Trying Out Plana FORMA


I learned about Plana FORMA two years ago when a friend asked if I taught it. I heard that KC Concepcion credited her toned physique to the classes she took at their Fort Bonifacio branch, and a couple of other friends forsook their regular exercise routine for this fusion workout created by co-founder and director of training Julie Alagde-Carretas. Now, Plana FORMA has expanded northward with a branch in Quezon City to serve its avid “thigh warriors”.

Plana FORMA tones your thighs, lifts your butt, tones your arms and strengthens your abdominals using isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches adapted from Physique 57, based on the Lotte Berk Method, which was a movement technique created by dancer Lotte Berk as she was recuperating from injury. Julie used her training in Physique 57, combined with her expertise in dance, yoga, Pilates and sports to create Plana FORMA.

Last February, I tried out a beginner class taught by Mae Evangelista at their Fort branch. Continue reading “Trying Out Plana FORMA”