Plaid Run on February 24 (Race Kit Contest)

The Plaid Run is Assumption Antipolo Class of 1998’s homecoming run, to be held on February 24, 2013 in line with the Old Girls’ Day (alumnae) celebrations. If you like running hills, this may be for you since it starts and ends in the Assumption Antipolo grounds. :)

Here’s your chance to score two race kits for free!

  1. follow @mizunoph on Twitter and like Mizuno Run Club on Facebook.
  2. Tweet me what your favorite Mizuno shoe is and why. In the tweet, also tag @mizunoph and use the hashtag #MizunoNeverSettle.
    • format: @kikayrunner [your favorite Mizuno shoe and why] @mizunoph #MizunoNeverSettle
  3. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 19 via Twitter.

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