A Kikay Runner Christmas Winners!

Answering all the trivia questions correctly would have put you in the running for the grand prize.

  1. What is Kikay Runner’s real name?Noelle De Guzman. Some of you even wrote my whole name down. Did you google my race results? Haha.
  2. What year did Kikay Runner start running? — This is a trick question. I started racing in 2009, but I was already running in the gym and around the UP Academic Oval in 2005. Both answers are correct.
  3. What are Kikay Runner’s official sponsors? — Some of you included brands that have appeared on my blog as sponsored posts. However, my official sponsors are Mizuno and Lightwater.

Before I reveal the grand prize winner for my Christmas contest, I’d like to congratulate the first 10 women who sent their contest entries in. Ladies, you’ve just won Moving Comfort GC’s each worth P200!

  • Emma Ruth Fajardo
  • Myla Suzette Orais
  • Aletheia Rio
  • Melly Ng
  • Mia Balolong
  • Abigail Veloso
  • Anne Solis
  • Orlea Francisco
  • Ella Cecilia Arienda
  • Goldy dela Cruz

What I was looking for in the essay portion is that the person really reads my blog and how their favorite entry has helped them as runners. There were funny and thought-provoking entries; thank you so much for sharing with me your thoughts about them. Based on your feedback I know what direction this blog is going in the coming years.

Are you ready for the grand prize winner announcement? Well you’ll just have to wait a bit more. I’m also giving out a special gift pack from Optimum Nutrition containing sample packs of Performance Whey, Gold Standard Casein, and Essential Amino Energy. All of these products are great for muscle building and recovery.

The winner of the Optimum Nutrition special gift pack backread through all of my older entries, so kudos to him for the endurance to do so. Congratulations Benedict Joseph Guevarra! He said:

My favorite is the post you made on December 29, 2009 titled “Putting My Feet Up – I Can’t Believe I Took Up Running”. I chose this because I like how relatable it is, particularly to people like me who aren’t gifted runners and just recently discovered the joys of running. I like how it shows that running is for everyone. I like how it captures that feeling you get when you’re out in the open road, racing against others while at the same time knowing that your true competition is yourself.

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Kikay Runner Christmas contest grand prize winner is… Precious Anne Natata! I love how her essay answer let me know I made a difference in her life. She has two favorite entries, which both helped her in different ways. She said:

I never knew Lightwater before I read her article about it… Most of the time at halfway of the workout, I found myself drained and have less energy to continue the workout even though I have consumed a sports drink. From then on, I always consume Lightwater during my workout and can finish the whole class with energy and I can even do more classes.

Another favorite is this one [Eight Great Post-Race Stretches]… I used to have this radiating pain in my quadriceps after workout maybe because I don’t do proper stretching. But after I’ve done the stretches, I got no feeling of pain anymore in the morning when I wake up following my evening workout.

Congratulations to all my winners, and Merry Christmas!

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1 thought on “A Kikay Runner Christmas Winners!

  1. I already received my gift! Sakto I need to buy me those undies for them runs! haha. And yes, I did a sub 2:30 on Milo National finals! Woohoo! Thanks Ms Noelle! :)

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