2012: Renewal

In writing this year-ender post, I’ve just realized that this is my third year in running. Wow. Now I know there are people out there who have been doing this for far longer than I have, but for me logging three years doing something is a big thing. It marks the difference between a passing fancy and a permanent part of my life.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I did most of my races this year without a definite time goal. I know most coaches would say that’s a recipe for non-improvement, but improvement wasn’t what I was looking for this year. You could say I’ve been trying to rediscover the purpose behind my running (and blogging about it), aside from its fitness benefits. What is it all about? And what am I all about?

2009 was the year I discovered my love for running races. It was a simpler time; I was still breaking new ground with the distances I was running and the PR’s I was setting. I didn’t have a Garmin then so I ran on feel. Back then, it wasn’t about doing well at the races. I ran for fun and if I ended up doing well, then great! I didn’t have a lot to pout about.

After three years, races tend to merge together in my memory. I realized that the blog entries most people connect with aren’t the race reports, but when I write about how to run faster, or getting injured, or running hills, or running in a different country. Not every runner gets to race the same races, but we all go through the same journey on the road.

So this year, I tried not to focus on performance at the races (although I ended up doing more races this year than last year!). I only had two target events anyway: my first standard-distanced triathlon (SuBIT) and doing the bike leg at Ironman 70.3 Philippines. Neither required me to train for running long distances, so I had the liberty of running 5K’s and simply maintaining fitness for my favorite distance, 10K. My 5K’s were fun: sand and surf at Skyathon, obstacles at Urbanathlon, costumes at Midnight Run. 10K’s took a bit more work, but from my comedy of errors at Timex Run and lack of training at PDA Run I regained my speed at the BMAP Run. My favorite 10K race of the year was at Milo. I didn’t realize I was a contender for podium until halfway through! Of course, I chose to end my year on a high note doing a 5K at Race for Life, a race that has always been special for me.

I also signed up for a few events I’ve never done before: an aquathlon, a duathlon, and unique race distances (5.88K, 6K, 12K, 16.8K, 25K). I felt liberated that I wasn’t chasing a PR.

I didn’t achieve most of last year’s goals. I didn’t run a marathon, didn’t get 1st place at a 10K, didn’t get to race overseas. But that’s okay; at this point I’ve come to realize there’s always the next year to try again.

At the same time I’m overwhelmed at how blessed I’ve been aside from the races. I was featured in Runner’s World alongside other running bloggers and was a Tatt Awards finalist. I’m honored to represent Mizuno and Lightwater. But I count this as the biggest blessing: that I finally know (or know again) why I’m here both as a runner and as a blogger. Sure, personal achievements are great, but they’re just the bonus on top of doing what I’m here for: to help inform and inspire people to make the best of who they are not just as runners, but as God’s creation.

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” — Chariots of Fire

Next year, will you maximize what you were created for?

Kikay Runner

Running Wild

If there’s anything you should check out before the year ends, it’s the Running Wild podcast by triathlon coach Ige Lopez, Chock Martinez, Toby Martin and Raffy Francisco. My dream radio show to listen to is all about running and the passion for it, and that’s Running Wild in a nutshell.

Running Wild at the Mizuno BE Launch
Coach Ige, The Lab Raf, and Chock d’Great

The guys even have their own radio show aliases, and they call their listeners “Runimals”. Each episode offers tips and discussion about topics that matter to runners, like staying motivated or getting faster. What makes podcasts like this great is that the past episodes are all archived so you can listen anytime, unlike the ephemeral nature of radio broadcasts.

I’m listening to their latest podcast episode, which coincidentally features the Lab Raf interviewing Piolo Pascual. (I swear, hindi ko sinasadya. ‘Yan talaga inabutan ko!) It’s great getting this much unguarded insight into his training regimen and philosophy, and I guess it helped that Raffy is a director who’s worked with him before, so he was comfortable being interviewed.

Anyway I’ll be guesting on the podcast in the near future, too, so do watch out for that! Whenever I run I always visualize myself as the dog chasing the mailman, so I am a RUNIMAL! You can subscribe to the Running Wild podcast over their website iamrunningwild.com or follow iRunWild on Twitter.

Color Manila Race Kit Claiming and Promos

Have you signed up yet for Color Manila happening on January 6, 2013? Read more about it and sign up soon, because registration closes on December 15!

Color Manila Run

Aside from the 1.5K, 3K, and 5K race distances, limited slots for 10K distance are now available.

There is also a promo for bulk registrations. For those who register 10 pax, you will get 1 race kit FREE. For 20, you’ll get get 3 FREE race kits. If 50, you’ll get 8 FREE race kits.

Register now at RUNNR (Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La), Toby’s (Mall of Asia, Trinoma) or Urban Athletics (Greenbelt 3). You can also register online at Proactive.

If you’ve already signed up for the race, here’s how you can claim your race kit:

  1. Come to Bonifacio High Street Color Manila Run Tent in front of RUNNR store, on December 15-16, from 10am to 9pm.
  2. Please present the print out of your confirmation email or your registration form, together with one valid ID.

Race kits will include: A KangaROOS pouch with race bib, Color Manila shirt, Color Manila sunglasses and gift certificates from sponsors. There will also be a RUNNR year-end expo on those dates with games and challenges, top brand sales and entertainment.

Let’s Color Manila!

Race for LIFE 2012: Putting the FUN Back in Run

When was the last time anyone’s ever done a race on a weekday? Last Friday’s holiday (Bonifacio Day) created a unique opportunity to stage the Real Life Foundation’s annual Race for LIFE on a day that didn’t compete with the blockbuster races last weekend.

This is Race for LIFE’s fifth year. Its aim is to raise funds for the Real Life Foundation’s scholars.

The LIFE Scholarships program provides high school and university scholarships to poor but deserving students with good academic standing who, if not for the scholarships, would have no chance of obtaining a university degree.Real Life Foundation

Getting a good education is something I believe strongly in, so this is a cause I gladly support.Β  Continue reading “Race for LIFE 2012: Putting the FUN Back in Run”