Beware the Ninja Injury

Ninjas are stealthy. They barely giving any warning that they’re there, although you might see the faint flit of a shadow out of the corner of your eye, or hear the scuff of a shoe above you. And all of a sudden, they strike. And the last thing on your mind before it all goes dark is, “I should have known…”

Well, not that I’ve had any encounters with real ninjas, but I’m currently out of commission with an injury and if my body’s not moving, my mind goes into overdrive, so bear with me. ;)

All Wrapped Up
All wrapped up.

That’s a photo of my right foot a few hours before I was supposed to do the Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run. However, the injury didn’t happen overnight. It’s why I call it a ninja injury; all of a sudden, it’s there and you can’t do a thing about it except say, “I should have known…” Continue reading “Beware the Ninja Injury”

Summit Run for Pinoy Glory on December 1

If you were as caught up in the Olympics as I was in the past month, you would have bemoaned the small Philippine contingent and their lack of support. It was private-sector donations that funded the training of many of our Olympians. With the London 2012 Paralympics coming up, our Paralympians also need our support. There are nine Filipinos competing: one of them is Isidro Vildosola, who is better-known as the one-armed runner on the Wetshop Para Tri Team. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with him a few years ago during our interview with him on Runnerspeak, and I’m so proud he’s one of our country’s representatives.

The Summit Run for Pinoy Glory on December 1 October 20 at McKinley Hill is the third leg in a series which began on January 7 at BGC. The second leg was held on July 7 in Cebu City. This third leg aims not just to raise funds for, but also to boost the morale of the para-athletes representing our country in international competition. Although the race will be held well after the London Paralympic Games, the target is to generate enough participating runners as a public demonstration of people’s support for the Philippine National Paralympic Team.

This race allows athletes and non-athletes, able-bodied and differently-abled to participate in the race with the inclusion of a special 5K category for participants in wheelchairs alongside the 3K, 5K, 10K, and 16K categories.

Race: Summit Run for Pinoy Glory
Date: December 1, 2012
Venue: McKinley Hill, Taguig City
Reg Fee: P350 (3K), P550 (5K/5K wheelchair), P700 (10K/10K Executives), price to be announced (16K)
Registration Sites: Chris Sports (SM North Annex, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Manila, Glorietta 3)
More Information: Shadowfax Events

UPDATE (10/13/2012): This race has been moved to December 1, 2012.

Adidas King of the Road on September 30

I know I’ve had my reservations about expensive races, but I do recognize there is a niche for them. If you’re a diehard Adidas fan and want to participate in a running championship held across Southeast Asia, you’ll be happy to know the Adidas King of the Road is back once again.

KOTR is held in 5 countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Each country is a qualifying leg for the finals. The first leg was held in Thailand last July 29, but September kicks the championships into high gear with Malaysia (September 9) and Indonesia (September 16). The Philippine leg on September 30 is the last one before the championship leg held in Singapore on October 28.

This year, the race categories are 5K, 10K, and 16.8K. The 16.8K is a signature distance for KOTR introduced last year and represents a portion of a total distance of 84 kilometers (equivalent to 2 marathon distances) if you run in all the KOTR legs.

The 5K and 10K are considered Open categories, meaning a participant of any nationality can win. For the 16.8K, there are Open and Closed (Filipino only) categories. The male and female winners of the 16.8K Closed category will be the Philippines’ “King and Queen” of the Road and are qualified for an all-expense paid trip to compete in the championship leg in Singapore.

Registration fee is P1,050 for 5K/10K, and P1,300 for 16.8K. But if you’re planning to buy at least P6,000 worth of Adidas Running apparel and footwear, try to do it in a single purchase to get a free KOTR race kit. Promo is valid until August 31. Check out the promo details on the KOTR website.

I’ve been given a complimentary race kit so I’ve decided to try the 16.8K category. Check back here after the race for my thoughts and observations, since this year’s race is by Proactive.

Race: Adidas King of the Road (Philippine leg)
Date: September 30, 2012
Venue: Bonifacio Global City
Reg Fee: P1050 (5K/10K); P1300 (16.8K)
Reg Until: September 15 (in-store) / September 23 (online)
Registration Sites: Adidas (SM Megamall, SM MOA, Powerplant Mall Rockwell, Trinoma, Greenbelt 3), online registration
More Information: Adidas KOTR Philippines

Kikay Runner Drinks Lightwater

This month, I found myself between the covers of FHM. No, it was not because of a racy pictorial. The completely wholesome reason: the magazine published my ad for Lightwater.

Be Faster. Drink Lightwater
Be Faster. Drink Lightwater.

You might have noticed I use Lightwater before and during training and races. I’ve found that Lightwater hydrates me best without the added sugar, sodium, and coloring found in most sports drinks, but still supplements my electrolyte needs amply with its calcium, potassium, and magnesium content.

The next time you go for a drink before a run, why not Lightwater?

Runner’s World PH July-September: The Special Beginner’s Guide

Runner's World Philippines July-September
Runner’s World Philippines July-September: The Special Beginner’s Guide

Have you picked up this quarter’s issue of Runner’s World Philippines yet? It features the very ripped triathlete Mr. Arland Macasieb (last year’s Cobra Ironman 70.3 Filipino elite champion) on the cover, as well as Philippine running legend Lydia de Vega and our Olympians current and past such as marathoner Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista and this year’s 5,000 meters bet Rene Herrera, who ran a personal best of 14 minutes 44 seconds in his qualifying heat.

This issue, dubbed the Special Beginner’s Guide, will help you get started on the right foot, whether you’re beginning to run for the first time, coming back after a hiatus, or planning to conquer longer distances.

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run on August 26

I always say trail running is my Kryptonite, but maybe that’s because I just hate getting muddy and dirty or am afraid of getting lost in the wild. Well, the best way to overcome a fear is to confront it head-on. Gulp.

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run on August 26, 2012

There’s a new kind of trail run on the horizon in the country: it’s the obstacle trail run pioneered by the Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run on August 26 at La Mesa Nature Reserve. Inspired by the Spartan and Tough Mudder adventure races in the U.S., the Immuvit trail run is designed to be challenging not only physically but mentally with the obstacles that await, such as a fire jump (OMG!) and a military wall (hala!). All I can say is that participants have to be willing and ready for anything. This isn’t a race for the faint-hearted.

Immuvit Trail Run is inspired by Spartan Races

What do you need for a trail run like this? The race requires gloves and a whistle. Also, expect the course to be mushy and muddy underfoot due to the weather we’ve been having. While you may opt to use an old pair of running shoes (as long as you don’t mind ruining them), trail or trekking shoes can give you more confidence as well as better grip. Speaking of which, I have just realized I don’t have trail shoes. Uh-oh.

As for clothes, check out the video above for what the participants of the Spartan race chose to wear. (There will be shower facilities if you’d like to wash off the dirt and tiredness post-race.)

What will you get out of this? Aside from sating your craving for adventure, you get bragging rights, survivor medals and loot bags for finishing within cutoff times. Men’s and Women’s champions will receive cash prizes.

If you’re up for the challenge, there are two distance categories: 5K (P600) and 10K (P800). Race registration has been ongoing since last Saturday at Chris Sports (SM North ANNEX, SM MOA, SM Manila, and Glorietta 3) and Fitness & Athletics (9th Ave. corner 28th St. Bonifacio High Street).

Race: Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run
Date: August 26, 2012
Venue: La Mesa Nature Reserve, Quezon City
Reg Fee: P600 (5K); P800 (10K)
Registration Sites: Chris Sports (SM North Annex, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Manila, Glorietta 3); Fitness & Athletics (Bonifacio High Street)
More Information: email secretariat @ or visit