“I Run Like a Girl” Shirts Now Available

In popular culture we’ve probably run across this phrase more than once: “YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL.” It’s a negative use of the word “girl” that connotes slowness, daintiness, and a funny gait. But we know better; we know that girls and women can be great runners. Regardless of speed and distance, every girl who runs is a strong, powerful individual who can make things happen.

Just like the Spice Girls who inspired a whole generation with “Girl Power”, it’s time to reclaim running like a girl and make it ours!

Be proud to run like a girl and wear it on your sleeve — or in this case, on your shirt. Introducing “I RUN LIKE A GIRL” shirts from the Kikay Runner shop on Multiply:

I Run Like a Girl shirt from Kikay Runner

Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is perfect for wearing after a race or a workout. Available in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE at P250 in limited quantities. Multiply also has a free shipping promo until January 31, 2012 (for a P400 shopping cart total), so order now. :D

order your I RUN LIKE A GIRL shirt today!

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