Finding Love at First (Bike) Fit

Joining my first triathlon last year wasn’t a big commitment. All I had to do was build up my stamina to swim 300 meters, borrow a bike to ride for 11 kilometers, and pray that my runner’s legs wouldn’t give out during the 2.5-kilometer run. But I knew if I wanted to get serious about things I would have to make an investment on my own bike.

It’ll be a year this December when I bought my first bike. Just like finding the right partner in a relationship, finding the right bike isn’t just a matter of going somewhere and picking the first thing that looks good. Gotta have some standards, you know.

Bike Fit at All Terra Cyclery Ortigas
A proper bike fit makes a happy rider (photo by Andy Leuterio)

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Sunset Running with Piolo

I remember two years ago some enterprising individuals came out with shirts that said “I’m running with Piolo”, riding on the news that superstar actor Piolo Pascual was running at the Timex Race with Coach Rio. We all know how that turned out: the sub-Piolo was created, and running races hit the big time.

We’ve had only a few Piolo sightings at races since then, and none at all this year. That’s about to change with SunLife’s SunPIOLOGY Sunset Run on December 10 at Bonifacio Global City.

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Avon Race to 125,000 Kisses

Freaky weather these days; we’re well into the second “-ber” month but it’s still annoyingly hot when the sun’s shining, or miserably raining when it’s not.

One of the races that got hit by the uncertain weather was the Avon Race to 125,000 Kisses. Originally meant to be on October 2, a forecast of stormy weather postponed it to the next week.

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Running in Costume at Adobo Run

With the Adobo Run After Dark just around the corner (8pm on October 29, 2011 in particular), it’s about time I decided what I want to wear. Unlike other races, this is the only one where I’m going to wear a costume because it’s actively encouraged among the expected 5,000 runners.

I’ve been looking at some ideas from other races all over the world, particularly the London Marathon and the San Francisco Bay to Breakers. I can’t believe some people can run in these outfits!

At least nobody will drown.

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Men’s Health Urbanathlon or Run United 3? Choose Your Own Adventure

Men's Health Urbanathlon 2011

Unilab Run United 3

With all the races held these days, runners are spoiled for choice. Usually there are two or three per weekend; maybe one big race and one smaller race.

But come November 13, two of my favorite races from last year will commence on the same morning: Men’s Health Urbanathlon and Unilab Run United 3. This really tears me apart because I’m defending 10K (with obstacles) champion at the Urbanathlon, but I also want to complete the Unilab/RunRio trilogy. It’s like asking a parent which is their favorite child.

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Time to Train

I’ve been writing a lot about race experiences lately, but not enough about the training that should go into a major goal race.

It’s kind of like having chocolate cake at a coffee shop. What you see and taste is just the finished product: layers of moist sponge cake, rich fudgy icing, and maybe a few shavings of chocolate on top. It’s delicious, but you don’t taste the flour or the eggs that went into making it. (Flour or eggs by themselves don’t taste very nice, anyway.) But it’s these mundane ingredients that are vital to making a cake.

In the same way, good performance at a race is determined by what you put into training for it. Those are the days you debate with yourself whether to take that trip to the track oval or to the mall, and the track oval wins out. Those are the hours you spend sweating doing speedwork and distance work, complementary aerobic and resistance workouts, and stretching. Those are the minutes every work night you go to bed earlier than your colleagues just so you can squeeze in an early-morning run. Compared to the excitement of a race, those times don’t seem very glamorous. But it’s the training that makes racing well possible.

Starting this month, my run training will have to become more structured. As early as now, I know I want to run the Condura Skyway Marathon in February (yes, the full marathon). This helps me with scheduling my long runs to increase mileage gradually without risking injury, with training to increase my fitness and lactate threshold so I can run faster for longer, and with diet so I can lose fat but keep essential muscle fiber.

So, are you training to make your next big race a great one?