The Pre-Race Ritual

You may have heard of athletes (professional and recreational) with rituals like wearing a lucky shirt or clothing item (which they may or may not wash), bouncing balls the same number of times before a free throw, not shaving while on a winning streak, etc. This may seem weird to those who don’t engage in sports of any kind, but sports psychologists say these kinds of rituals help athletes focus and compete at their highest level. Continue reading “The Pre-Race Ritual”

Bawal Magkasakit!

I’ve been playing a lot of Angry Birds lately. The objective is to destroy the enemy pigs and their structure by tossing birds at them. One thing I noticed is that sometimes I hit a structure and it doesn’t come down immediately. A few seconds later though, the structure was weakened so much that it comes crashing down.

Angry Birds

Why am I telling this story? Last week, my immune system was a real-life version of Angry Birds: I was knocked down and out because I ignored how my body’s defenses had been weakened. (Being sick also gave me a lot of time to play Angry Birds. Hehehe.) Continue reading “Bawal Magkasakit!”