Run United 2 / Runrio Trilogy 2

In my quest to do all three Runrio Trilogy events this year, I asked my mom to register me for the 10K at Run United 2 last August 21. I knew I wasn’t in the best condition to run fast, coming off my weekend in Camsur and with no training whatsoever. I figured why not just enjoy a nice one-hour aerobic run workout with no pressure whatsoever?

Try running “with no pressure whatsoever” in race conditions, and you’ll see it’s quite impossible, especially for people with a competitive streak. Continue reading “Run United 2 / Runrio Trilogy 2”

Running Etiquette: Don’t Be a Running Ruffian

ruffian – a scoundrel, rascal, or unprincipled, deceitful, brutal and unreliable person (Wiktionary)

Road races in the Philippines used to attract less than a few thousands of people, save for the Milo Marathon events which have always been blockbusters. But as running continues to boom and as race organizers continue to market not just to the fanatics but also to the casual and curious, the number of participants has also risen, making for some unique challenges.

Good manners and decency shouldn’t fall by the wayside when we race, and we shouldn’t start acting like undisciplined wild animals just because we unleash our animal energy when we run. Follow good running etiquette. Don’t be a running ruffian.

Here are some courtesies we can extend to each other before, during, and after a race to make it a more pleasurable, civilized experience for all concerned. Continue reading “Running Etiquette: Don’t Be a Running Ruffian”

Are You Sure, Camsur?

I was in Camsur last January to cover the Ultimate Wake Championships at the Camsur Watersports Complex. While there, I ran around the Lago del Rey and the surrounding area, trying to imagine what it would be like doing the run leg of a relay at the Camsur Ironman 70.3 in August. Due to funding and schedule problems, my plans for a relay didn’t materialize…

Camsur Ironman 70.3
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

…Or did they? I was all set to go to Camsur this weekend to support my Endure teammates — we have six doing the solo effort, one doing the bike leg of a relay, and one doing the IronKids triathlon. Little did I know I was to join their ranks as well. Continue reading “Are You Sure, Camsur?”

35th Milo Marathon: The View from the Other Side

When I was injured on July 2, I knew the 35th Milo Marathon was on the 31st, only four weeks away. I decided that if I recovered well from my injury, I would join the support station always sets up. It would be a way to thank the Philippine running community for the support they’ve always shown towards me and other runners struggling to get through the 42.

35th Milo Marathon: MOA
A sea of green beside the sea.

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