CrossFit: Not Your Ordinary Gym Workout

I’ve been hearing a whole lot about this “CrossFit” from Mr. F, who’s always on the lookout for a new fitness fix — as if routinely running sub-50 minute 10Ks weren’t enough of a challenge for him.

Crossfit: Rovilson
a CrossFit disciple

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning workout that aims to build your overall fitness and your capacity to move large loads over long distances quickly. So it’s always highly varied, intense, but the workouts (the Workout Of the Day or WOD) can be scaled to almost any level of fitness. Supposedly, elderly people and MMA cage fighters can do the same WOD — just with different loads and intensities.

Many months ago I received an invitation to try CrossFit out when The Box (what they call their workout space) opened in Magnitude Bldg., Libis. Continue reading “CrossFit: Not Your Ordinary Gym Workout”

Animo Sprint Triathlon 2011

Even before I’d done my first sprint distance at SuBIT this year, I was already registered for the Animo Sprint Triathlon on June 12. I blame the early-bird discount on the registration fee for my itchy trigger finger. Never mind that the Animo sprint distance is 50 percent longer than the SuBIT sprint, involving a 900-meter swim, 30-kilometer bike ride, and 7.5-kilometer run. Gulp.

Animo Sprint Triathlon 2011: Run Leg
test of endurance *

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Hitting the Dirt at the Men’s Health All-Terrain Race 2011

I always joke about how dirt is my Kryptonite, but it’s true. I am never at ease on trails surrounded by grass and trees. This comes from growing up in the urban jungle of concrete and glass. Still, I’m always up for a once-a-year challenge, and I got it when I hit the dirt at the Men’s Health All-Terrain Race 2011 on June 5 in Nuvali. Continue reading “Hitting the Dirt at the Men’s Health All-Terrain Race 2011”

Yamaha Run For Heroes on July 3

My birthday is coming up next month, but I don’t really have a big goal for it, unlike last year when I was training for my first marathon. I still want to do a race on that weekend, though, and the Yamaha Run for Heroes on July 3 fits into my schedule.

And check this out: this race benefits HERO Foundation, Inc., which provides educational support to children whose parents in the military have been killed or disabled in the line of duty.

Yamaha Run for Heroes

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 7

One of the best parts about being an ambassador for Mizuno is receiving the latest running shoe styles. Since I am an overpronator with issues in my right ankle, I’ve always gone for stability shoes.

I’d been running in a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 shoes for a year when I received the Inspire 7, this year’s update.

Kikay Runner for Mizuno
wearing the Wave Inspire 7


From appearance alone it was already obvious that major changes had been implemented in the shoe design. Continue reading “Mizuno Wave Inspire 7”