On the Run with My BB

For the longest time I was happy with any kind of phone that allowed me to make calls, send SMS, and take good photos. Around this time last year, Mr. F switched from an iPhone to a BlackBerry. He told me about BlackBerry Messenger, which acts like an unlimited text message network linking BlackBerry users subscribed to the BB service with one another. He even said, “I can take a photo of you winning a race and send it to all my friends instantly!” What’s not to love about that?

BlackBerry Love

I’ve had BlackBerry on my mind ever since, especially when ENDURE started using it as a primary mode of communication. This January, imagination turned into reality when I bought a BlackBerry Curve 3G.

The first things I learned to do, of course, were to install the Facebook and Twitter apps. As a social media addict I was already a devotee of those two services — but this was kind of like a 24/7 heroin IV drip rather than just snorting lines. (OK, this analogy and my social media use have just creeped me out.)

Interestingly, having a BlackBerry freed me from my desk. Now, instead of having to fire up my laptop just to chat with friends or log-in to Facebook and Twitter, I just pull my Curve (I informally call her “BaBy”) out of my bag to read and post updates (including photos). BB service is also always on, so I get notifications whenever there’s a new post in chat groups I’m a member of, or a new tweet addressed to me. I don’t subscribe to push email, but I don’t really need it because I can use WiFi and the phone’s built-in browser to check email and surf the net. As a result, in the past few months, I’ve been very connected but more on the go.

I even take my Curve out with me during training sessions. It’s so light and small, so it doesn’t bounce when I run (I put it in a small Mizuno belt bag). I also take it on training rides, like last Saturday’s at Jala-Jala. I was able to snap this photo of those long flat roads that sated my need for speed.

Endure at Jala-jala

I upgraded to OS6 from OS5, and it’s been a joy: the graphic interface is visually smooth and user-friendly and I no longer need to do daily battery pulls due to a hung phone. Sadly, this is the last OS update my Curve will be getting, since RIM (the company that produces BB devices) will only be making OS7 available for newer models.

I’ll be hanging onto my Curve for a while longer though; it’s got everything I need for my active lifestyle.

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5 thoughts on “On the Run with My BB

  1. Hi Noelle! Great article! I am writing this from my BB! Hehe (got a venerable bold 9000 that I got as a gift from a good friend). It’s got everything I need! Esp push email for me. I say bb is good for the environment bec I’ve been driving less and commuting more so that my hands and mind are free to bb! Hehehehehehe. If ever I get a car for myself it should come with a driver =P

  2. Android user but recently switched to a Blackberry with no regrets. Yes it is really “sulit” like an all in one package. But, need to monitor well on data service provided by you network subscription co’z you’ll go crazy when your bill statement arrives. SURPRISE! (know what i mean?)

    I love my Curve 3G

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