Cross-training with Bikram Yoga

Even though I swim, bike, and run throughout the week, as part of my cross-training routine I also do strength and stretching work at the gym. This conditions other muscles not used in my primary sports and allows me some recovery from regular training, preventing boredom and burn-out. Stretching also maintains and improves range of movement, preventing injury to muscles and joints due to loss of mobility.

Three weeks ago upon the invitation of a former yoga classmate, Dax, I dropped in at Bikram Yoga Greenhills for a change.

Bikram Yoga: forward fold
not as easy as it looks

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Destination: Greenfield Run

For a few quarters now, I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to Runners’ World by compiling upcoming races, and I’ve noticed a wonderful trend: there are more and more races being held outside of Metro Manila. If you’re getting tired of running the same routes, a destination race may be just the ticket for you.

In about a week’s time, I’ll be at the Greenfield City Clean Air Run in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, savoring the smog-free air while racing through new terrain. The best part about it is it’s a destination race with the same quality of organization I’ve come to expect from a run within the metro, since it’s part of the Runrio Series Continue reading “Destination: Greenfield Run”

On the Run with My BB

For the longest time I was happy with any kind of phone that allowed me to make calls, send SMS, and take good photos. Around this time last year, Mr. F switched from an iPhone to a BlackBerry. He told me about BlackBerry Messenger, which acts like an unlimited text message network linking BlackBerry users subscribed to the BB service with one another. He even said, “I can take a photo of you winning a race and send it to all my friends instantly!” What’s not to love about that?

BlackBerry Love

I’ve had BlackBerry on my mind ever since, especially when ENDURE started using it as a primary mode of communication. This January, imagination turned into reality when I bought a BlackBerry Curve 3G. Continue reading “On the Run with My BB”

ITU Subic Bay International Triathlon 2011

The weekend of April 30 to May 1 was such a major one for me this year, and not because of Labor Day. It was my first time to participate in the K-Swiss ITU Subic Bay International Triathlon (better known as SuBIT) and my first time ever to complete the Sprint distance (750-meter swim, 21-kilometer bike, 5.4-kilometer run).

SuBIT 2011: Team Endure

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