Road to SuBIT

And so we come to this: the last two days before the biggest multisport event of my life so far. The Subic Bay International Triathlon (SuBIT) is one of the country’s longest-running tri events, and I’m joining the Sprint category (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) for the first time. *gulp*

While most of my teammates have been training for the standard, or Olympic, category (double the sprint distance), my limited time for training kept my aspirations modest. That’s not to say I haven’t been training, though.

Road to SuBIT: Clark Ride
on a recon mission

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A Weekend of Beauty and the Beach

Around this time of the year, I turn into a Boracay beach bum lazing around all day sunbathing and drinking fruit shakes. Thankfully, Women’s Health held their Beauty and the Beach anniversary event on April 16 and 17, 2011 offering fun group exercise classes to jumpstart women’s fitness right on the beachfront at Beach Bum Bar.

Beauty & the Beach: Pink Explosion
Beauty and the Beach *

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Coming into last Saturday’s Nightfest, I had been frustrated the whole week in my attempts to get some run or swim training in. Then it rained on Saturday early afternoon, ending my plans of riding my bike in Filinvest before the start of the race.

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This April in Women’s Health

April is the month I’m usually away at the beach, and this year it’s no different. I’m so glad Women’s Health invited me again to their yearly Beauty and the Beach anniversary event in Boracay. If you’re in Boracay on April 16 and 17, bringing the April issue of Women’s Health to our venue in Station 1 in front of Havaianas will get you free registration in the fun group classes.

Also, you’ll get to see this inside the Women’s Health mag:

Noelle De Guzman in Women's Health

Thanks to Marie Calica for featuring me in the April beauty story. Ü

So, will I see you in Boracay?