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Godiva Green-T Activ

As running becomes more and more mainstream, we’re probably going to get more commercials and other advertising collateral targeted at aspiring runners, who also apparently have plenty of disposable income, according to market research. Just think of how much you spend on races these days and you’ll understand what I mean.

Have you seen Coach Rio‘s Globe Tattoo TVC yet? Some people from and I auditioned to be the support runners behind him, but sadly none of us got picked. OK lang because in the storyline, Coach Rio was too fast for them!

Coach Rio’s Globe Tattoo TVC

I’m just thankful that more thought is put into running-inspired ads these days. Last year, many runners’ ears were tweaked (and not in a good way) by a radio ad that went something like this:

Female voice: To stay in shape, I run *pant* two kilometers *pant* everyday. Whew! [insert promotional spiel]

Male voice: May I join you?

Female voice: If you can keep up!

(I’ve redacted the name of the young actress who stars in this commercial, and the product being advertised.)

Kudos to her if all she needs to stay in shape is to run two kilometers every day. That’s, what, 14 minutes of activity more or less? Off the bat, the commercial sounds ridiculous because:

  1. The recommended amount of moderate-intensity physical activity for adults is 150 minutes a week minimum — that can be broken down into 30 minutes 5 days a week, or 20 minutes 7 days a week. If you need 30 minutes to run 2 kilometers and are out of breath by the end of it, you’re probably not in very good shape.
  2. To a regular runner, two kilometers is a warm-up. It’s just a little more than half the distance of the shortest race category. (Or 4 times a 500-meter dash.)

The person who wrote the commercial script, with a little more research into running for fitness, could have made it more believable. She could have talked of running in terms of number of minutes rather than kilometers, for instance. It was just a strange commercial, which is still being played until now! (In fact, I heard it twice in the span of three minutes last week. Grrr.)

You might also have seen some minor advertising collaterals in department stores. Like this one, for instance:

Godiva Green-T Activ

Look a little closer…

Godiva Green-T Activ
Godiva Green-T Activ

Yes, that is yours truly. I shot this some time in May 2010 for Godiva. (My make-up artist was none other than Marie Calica, also the editor-in-chief of Runner’s World Philippines.) Hopefully what we did is realistic and believable when it comes to running-inspired advertising. Ü

Have you spotted any other ads that use running?

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10 thoughts on “Running and Advertising

  1. Nice one Ms Noelle…havent heard of the radio ad though..but I ve seen you tweet about it..and im curious…

    maraming nag papa gosee for runners lately…

  2. nice article noelle.. hindi ko pa nakikita yung ad mo (sayang). I heard the radio commercial of rhianne a lot of times though, and like you, medyo nakakairita na.

    may nakita akong bagong ad (billboard) sa EDSA, something about “run for free” ng nike.. I guess, this year maging mainstream talaga as ad material ang running

  3. mainstream na talaga ang running these days…. jogging parks are becoming crowded, demands on running shoes ,weekly funruns, ads etc….who knows baka magkaroon pa ng reality show about running! hehehe..

    BTW, nice Godiva ad Noelle :)

  4. Vivian, I find I always have to change the station when the ad comes on.

    Toots S., thank you! It’s not an ad, though; it’s part of Godiva’s set-up in department stores.

    Bave, tune in to RX 93.1 from 6pm; they play the ad then. Unfortunately for me, there’s a certain stereotype of “runner” they’re looking for at go-sees.

    Zalds, I’m glad that Nike is starting to advertise their running gear. They focus too much on basketball here. But I was asking about ads for products that aren’t necessarily running-related, but running is used to draw your attention to them…

    Werner, I remember one of the bloggers writing about her involvement in a reality show that shows the day-to-day life of a race director. Alam nyo na kung sino yun…

    Racs, so true! I wonder if the girl in the ad really runs, anyway.

  5. Ey Noelle,

    Oh alright. Great nonetheless. Have a good one!

    P.S. Havent seen you for the longest time since the Adidas party at the Mckinley Hill.

    Stay safe always.

  6. That Globe TVC of Coach Rio was done by us, Underground Logic, I was part of the digital cleanup team (ridding scenes of chroma backgrounds) and Marlowe did the main compositing :)

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