The Talented Mr. F

I bet none of you have realized this blog has just had its first anniversary. Yup! Kikay Runner has turned a year old, and for one of my celebratory posts I’ve got an interview with one running personality who has supported my endeavor from Day 1.

Even way before I started this specific blog, he encouraged me to run my second race ever. He’s the first ever person to Like my Facebook fan page (aside from myself, of course). At various times in the past year I’ve referred to him as Mr. F. Who is he? It’s probably an open secret, but here’s a pic of us together:

Assumption Run: with other awardees
He’s in this picture!

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The Kikay Cyclist

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I mentioned in my 2010 year-ender post that I want to get into multisport. Now while there are aquathlons (swim-run) I can join, I really loved going through the swim-bike-run in my first triathlon, the Speedo NAGT AAV. I knew I needed my own bike.

Kikay Biker: meet Athena
Meet Athena.

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How to Get P2,000 Worth of Nike Apparel for Free

*This is a sponsored post for EastWest Bank. View my disclosure policy.

If you’re like me, you probably bought yourself something sports-related for Christmas. Maybe it’s a new bike (like what I did), or maybe it’s some brand-spanking-new clothing — all worth every centavo, even if it means cutting into your budget for gifts for other people. (I exaggerate, of course.)

But what if you could do all that shopping and get P2,000 worth of Nike apparel for free? Just in time to refresh your wardrobe for the new year!


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The Next Step Triathlon Camp Series

For the longest time I’ve gotten away with getting no coaching for running. But now that I’ve entered the world of multisport I realize there are so many variables to consider, so many things to do, that I can’t waste time with trial and error. I need a coach.

Well, how about two coaches? The Next Step Triathlon Camp series by Coach Dan Brown and Coach Ani de Leon is about to start its run in the next few months. It is the first organized training camp series in the Philippines open to triathletes of all skill levels — including non-elite athletes like myself. I’ll learn essential swimming, biking, and running skills, build fitness, and have fun training with like-minded people.

The Next Step Triathlon Camp Series

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Race Belt Promo from Men’s Health, Women’s Health, & Runner’s World

Tired of pinning your bib to your shirt or singlet? Race belts do away with the hassle. I’ve been thinking of getting myself one for some time. I think I’ll take advantage of this promo from Runner’s World, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health.

Runner's World Race Belt Promo

If you buy both the Men’s Health and Women’s Health Power Couple issues from the participating stores, you’ll get this race belt for free! It comes in two designs: one has the Men’s Health logo, while the other has the Women’s Health logo. Both designs have the Runner’s World logo emblazoned on the reverse side.

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BGC: Still a Runner’s Haven?

I remember when Bonifacio Global City, then called Fort Bonifacio, was just a set of lonely Army roads you could use to get to C-5. (Yes, I am that old.) I’ve seen BGC developed from open concert grounds into high-rise commercial and residential buildings. BGC has been the site of my training runs and races, and they’ve certainly incorporated running and outdoor activities into their real estate branding. But as the area develops further, can BGC still be called a runner’s haven?

BGC: Runners Crossing
the empty lot is now a construction site

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Get Fit in 2011 with Men’s Health, Women’s Health, & Runner’s World

Women's Health January 2011Runner's World January 2011
Women’s Health & Runner’s World January 2011

In case you haven’t bought your copy yet, I’ve got an article in this month’s Women’s Health (with Lucy Torres-Gomez on the cover) about how to lose your holiday weight fast! My main resource person for the article is my uncle Jeredan Conde, an American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer. (A little bit of trivia: we once auditioned for Amazing Race Asia 3. Hee hee.)

Runner’s World is bundled with your Women’s Health issue, and I’ve also got an article in it about six must-run races in Asia. It’s the marathon-ready issue so if you plan on doing a full marathon this year, pick up a copy!

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