Kick the Habit Run & RunnerSpeak Relaunch

I know many of you have been asking when RunnerSpeak will return to the airwaves. I actualy didn’t know either because I was told we’d be back in July. And then August. And then no more updates. But recently my producer told me we’re relaunching the show at the Kick the Habit Run on November 14 at Newport City, Pasay (near NAIA 3).

I haven’t decided yet if I’m attending this run, since I sorely need more mileage for Milo and I’ll be running Race for Life the previous day. But I do think Kick the Habit Run will be fun. Check out the teaser:

If you’ve got friends who are smokers, or are a smoker yourself, this is the run for you! Time to kick the habit and run your way to a better lifestyle.

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