Help DOT: Heritage Run on Sept. 5

I love the Philippines. I love that when I’m running through the streets of my city, I’m going slow enough to see in extreme close-up everything it has to offer. Experiencing the whole journey by foot is so much better than just speeding by in a car merely intent on reaching a destination.

So when Carlos Celdran set up a group bike ride through Malate, Ermita, Intramuros, and Binondo, and Journeying James broached the idea of runners joining, I couldn’t think of anything else other than joining them. Continue reading “Help DOT: Heritage Run on Sept. 5”

Stretch and Strengthen with Reebok Jukari

Ever since I started running, I’ve been struggling with maintaining my flexibility. My hamstrings and hips have gotten tighter and it really takes an effort to remember to stretch after a run (although I’ve been more diligent at it lately). While there is some research that shows too much flexibility can injure a runner and hamper development of speed, I still want to have great range of motion and avoid pain from muscle tightness.

I received an invitation to attend yesterday’s media launch of a new group fitness workout by Reebok, called Jukari Fit To Flex. Continue reading “Stretch and Strengthen with Reebok Jukari”

Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Recovery

Hello readers. You may have noticed that big banner at the top of my blog, and might be wondering, “What in the world is 2-1-1 Recovery, and how does KIKAYRUNNER use it? What’s a recovery drink, anyway?”

Basically, 2-1-1 Recovery is a powdered drink that is a combination of different kinds of carbohydrates (fast-release and slow-release) plus protein. it’s designed to aid the body in recovering after strenuous workouts – and as we all know, long-distance running is very strenuous. Continue reading “Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Recovery”

Adidas Fluid Trainer

As someone who does most of her work in athletic trainers (I teach dance aerobics), I like to extend their life as long as I can. So my running shoes are strictly for running, and my gym shoes are strictly for the gym. I never wear them except for their intended use. I asked a question on my Facebook page: “Which shoes do you use at the gym? Do you still use your running shoes?” Most people who responded have a specific shoe for the gym, or use running shoes that are no longer fit for the road.

Adidas launched a new shoe called the Fluid Trainer in three store events simultaneously in Trinoma, Greenbelt, and Rockwell last Saturday, and their PR team at GreenBulb gave me a pair to test in the week prior to the launch. Continue reading “Adidas Fluid Trainer”

Run to Read: Oops! I Did It!

I haven’t been running all that much lately; my weekly mileage has even dropped to a paltry five kilometers (ten if I’m lucky) and I’ve been feeling heavier and out of shape because of it.

Run to Read was supposed to be my comeback to 10-kilometer races, but I didn’t get to train properly for it. So when race day came along, I knew I wasn’t going to break any records. Continue reading “Run to Read: Oops! I Did It!”

Batang Kyusi: QCIM on December 5

I may run at Fort quite often and participate in races scheduled over at the Global City, but Quezon City will always be a special place for me. It’s where my alma mater the University of the Philippines is, and that’s where I first started running. I became a QC girl at heart when I moved here in 2003, so a major race in what is practically my back yard is definitely something to look forward to. Continue reading “Batang Kyusi: QCIM on December 5”