Takbo.ph RunFest on July 25

Kikay Cap

It’s been a much-awaited event among the Takbo.ph faithful. Ever since registration opened in April and we got a chance to order personalized singlets with our chosen names or taglines on them, we’ve been excited to receive those singlets and run wearing them at the Takbo.ph Runfest. And now, that weekend is almost here!

Initially, I ordered a singlet with the name “NOELLE” printed on it, for the following reasons:

  1. It’s my name. People call me Kikay because they don’t know/can’t remember my real name.
  2. Long before I was KIKAYRUNNER, I was Noelle. And I’ll be Noelle long after KIKAYRUNNER.
  3. I never had a team jersey with my name on it. In high school, all we went by were numbers on our volleyball uniforms.

Kikay Cap

Apparently this is my new name.

Unfortunately, when the list of RunFest registrants was released, I found out someone else had asked for “KIKAY_RUNNER” to be printed on their singlet. Well well well! *in Bugs Bunny voice* “This means war!”

Not really. But I did ask to have “KIKAYRUNNER” on my singlet. Now that it’s my Takbo.ph forum name as well, it’ll be easier for other forum members to identify me during the RunFest itself.

Que and Jinoe have also asked me to participate in the program. How? You’ll have to be there to find out.

Let’s celebrate running on July 25!

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4 thoughts on “Takbo.ph RunFest on July 25

  1. Noel, the thought of a song-and-dance number did occur to me, but the Alabang aNR Group beat me to it! Hehehe.

    Calvin, too bad you didn’t get to go to the race, but there’s always a next race. :)

    Etivacenyo, thanks. ;)

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