Black Bands and Heartbreak

Although this issue has been on the forefront of Milo Marathon’s post-race discussion, I decided not to comment on Remus Fuentes’ untimely demise after complications from heatstroke running the 21-km distance until Milo had issued a statement about it. Remus’ father Rudy had given a statement about his son’s death and alleged that Milo was responsible for it, but I know it’s dangerous to form and voice an opinion when not all facts are known about the events that transpired.

Now that those two statements are out in public, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has also published a well-written and well-researched article which reflects my views on the issue. Allow me to quote some passages from that article (“How to Avoid Pitfalls of Long-Distance Race” by Romina Austria): Continue reading “Black Bands and Heartbreak”

Run to Read on August 15

Not many people know this, but I am an avid bookworm. I learned to love books as a little girl and was never in want of them. Before I started my growing collection of running attire and shoes, I spent all my spare cash on books and also read most of the books in my grade school library.

But 40 percent of the Philippine population has little to no access to books; the statistics say the country only has about 688 public libraries, less than 40% of the required minimum 1,851 libraries to serve 220 congressional districts, 136 cities and 1,495 municipalities.

So when I was invited to Run to Read, a fun run to raise funds for school libraries, I jumped at the chance to get involved in a cause close to my heart. Continue reading “Run to Read on August 15”

34th Milo Marathon: Best Birthday Ever!

Great things start from small beginnings…

I started running around two weeks ago last year, and I never thought I’d attempt to run a marathon, let alone complete it. Yet here I am, limping on aching legs and feet, nursing a slightly uneven tanline after running the country’s most prestigious marathon. (It ain’t at all a glamorous look, but makes for a great excuse to take a birthday leave.)

34th Milo Marathon: Birthday Placard
Birthday Blast!

People weren’t kidding when they said running a marathon is as much (or even more) a mental and physical struggle. How much can you really say about the physical aspect of running kilometer after kilometer? I would need to let you into my head, into my stream of consciousness for you to know what my first marathon was like. Continue reading “34th Milo Marathon: Best Birthday Ever!”