Rock and Rain

Around this time of year, the weather’s battling between dry and wet, and we runners frequently get caught in the crossfire. During my long runs in the last two weeks, I had to push through light showers — never enough to soak my shoes.

Tonight was different. Continue reading “Rock and Rain”

“Kaya Mo ‘Yan!”

Ten days to Milo. Whoa. Plenty of new developments have happened in the past few days, most notably the change in the route for 42K.

Whereas in past years the route wound through the cities of Manila, Pasay, Paranaque, Makati, and Taguig, this year the organizers confined the route to the precincts of Roxas Boulevard, sending marathoners on three loops in the Roxas-Macapagal area to complete the required distance of 42.195 kilometers. (View the race map from the Milo website.)

For those of us who had been preparing for a there-and-back route — myself included — it was a real shock and disappointment. Continue reading ““Kaya Mo ‘Yan!””

My Milo Shopping List

Two weeks to go until the Milo national eliminations. All of a sudden, I feel like there’s so much time to spare. I’ve done my long runs already, topping out at 35 kilometers last Monday. Since I’ve started to feel some foot pain (possibly plantar fasciitis), I decided to start resting my feet and begin tapering. Come D-Day (or B-Day, in my case), I should be prepared enough for the longest run of my life.

But since I like shopping (as KIKAYRUNNER should!), I’ve compiled a list of things I will need to buy. Continue reading “My Milo Shopping List”

New Layout

I’m sure you’re wondering why KIKAYRUNNER doesn’t look the way it used to. I’ve been working with RedMedia for the past two months on a new layout and shifting to WordPress from Blogger.

We got the framework of the site up and running yesterday and have the custom theme in place. While it might still be a little messy around here, rest assured you can still read all my posts. Also, while comments aren’t viewable just yet, you can still get in touch with me through the Contact page or over Facebook.

Thanks for visiting KIKAYRUNNER!

24 Days to the 34th Milo Marathon

I’m on a road, running the Milo marathon at a steady pace. I’ve just passed a hydration station and suddenly I notice not everyone is going in the same direction as me. Some of them are heading towards me with oddly glazed eyes. Their skin is ashen, and they’re not quite running — they’re shuffling. And then I realize: they’re all zombies and I have to run faster because they’re coming for me!

Then I woke up last Saturday and remembered I had only just registered for the 34th Milo Marathon Manila eliminations. Continue reading “24 Days to the 34th Milo Marathon”