Holy Week Long Runs

Taytay Long Run: Route Map and Details

I’ve always noticed the streets are way less congested during the days of Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, but this is the first year I’ve ever participated in a long run on those empty streets. I mean, two long runs, first on Maundy Thursday with a group going from Fort to Taytay, Rizal, and on Black Saturday with a group going from UP to Jollibee Greenmeadows and back. Yes, now you can definitely call me an adik.

Taytay Long Run: Route Map and Details

Good Planning

Each of those runs totaled 21 kilometers, which is a mileage high for me. Previously I’ve only ever done one 21K in a weekend, during Sunday races. But long runs are a heady and exciting new experience for me — when else do you get to run on roads going places you only used to drive to? The pace was also an easy one for me, clocking at 7:30 to 8 minutes per kilometer. I could yakkity yack away with my companions and not worry about losing breath or steam, which took my mind away from the work my legs were actually doing. Long runs are a great way to increase mileage, especially as one trains for a marathon

Taytay Long Run: on C-5

Look, Ma! No Cars!

The Fort to Taytay run was with a large group. After a short briefing, we started at 5am from the Every Nation building in Fort and then proceeded to run my most chillax 17 kilometers ever to Sweet Harmony Gardens in Taytay, Rizal. From there, a few of us opted to go onto a hill training route, adding five kilometers more to our mileage. We were treated to a complimentary Filipino breakfast from Paul Calvin’s Deli (yup, there’s a branch in Taytay!) thanks to our host and the organizer of the long run, Jay Em. Afterwards, there was a van waiting to drive us back to the Fort.

My Black Saturday run with friends from SecondWind Running Store was less plush and less populated, but more exciting since we would be running Katipunan and White Plains then return to where we started. No van was waiting to ferry us back in case our legs gave out; Hector only had a bike from which to hand us water and Gatorade. We had one long water break at Jollibee (our U-turn point). I bought some pineapple juice, and it was the best glass of pineapple juice I’ve had in my whole life.

After both those runs and logging a total of 47 kilometers during Holy Week, I’m now in my recovery week. Perfect timing, since I’m leaving for Boracay today to attend the Beauty and the Beach event organized by Women’s Health Magazine. I’m still dreaming of my next long run, though. Who knows where my feet will take me next?

Taytay Long Run: Love Sign

I love long runs!

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2 thoughts on “Holy Week Long Runs

  1. parang ako yung napagod sa kababasa ng mga takbong pinaggagawa mo during the holy week. 47km in 3 days? tibay talaga ng legs mo. :)

    ako matagal na break kaya pagbalik ko sa usual runs medyo sluggish na. have to get back to running shape.

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